Mahachanok (mango)

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Mangifera 'Mahachanok'

The Mahachanok (or Maha Chanok) (Thai: มหาชนก) mango is a cultivar of mango grown primarily in Thailand. The Mahachanok is a hybrid cultivar of Sunset and Nang Klanwan,[1] developed[when?] in Chiang Mai.[2] It is also grown in Australia, where it has been grafted onto existing Kensington Pride trees.[3]

The fruit of the Mahachanok mango tree is very elongated and curved, with a typical weight between 250 and 370 grams.[2] It turns yellowish–orange with pink blush when ripe, and is one of the most popular varieties in Thailand for eating ripe (as opposed to green).[1] The stone of the fruit is long and thin, so a high proportion of the fruit is flesh rather than stone, and the taste has been praised as highly desirable.[1][2]

This variety of mango is popularly known as "Banana Mango" in Bangladesh, because of its banana-like shape. [4]