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The newly constructed Mahaicony Bridge
The newly constructed Mahaicony Bridge
Mahaicony is located in Guyana
Location in Guyana
Coordinates: 6°33′N 57°48′W / 6.550°N 57.800°W / 6.550; -57.800Coordinates: 6°33′N 57°48′W / 6.550°N 57.800°W / 6.550; -57.800
CountryFlag of Guyana.svg Guyana
 • Total2,000

Mahaicony is a community that is made up several villages on the East Coast of Demerara -- Region 5 (Mahaica Berbice) in Guyana, located at 06°33′N 57°48′W / 6.550°N 57.800°W / 6.550; -57.800. Mahaicony's physical boundaries on the coast is from De Hoop village in the west to Calcutta village in the east.

Economic activity[edit]

Fishing, farming and hunting are three of the oldest economic activities in the world. In Mahaicony these are still the most popular way of life for the residents. The area produces over 15,000 metric tons of paddy rice each year.

The activities of the community are usually affected by flooding during the rainy season and the drying up of ponds during the dry season.


There are two main Secondary schools -- Mahaicony Secondary School and Novar Secondary School. Over crowded classrooms is one of several problems faced by both teachers and students of Mahaicony Secondary School. Despite these limitations, Mahaicony Secondary School has been achieving high-percentage passes in all subject areas.

In the surrounding area primary schools are scattered around from Mahaicony, Zeeland in the west to Calcutta in the east to Mora Point in the deep south. Access to primary education is not a problem but the culture of the community is that teens take the agricultural fields at an early age, hence, fewer attend secondary school. The general conception is that somebody has to do the farming.

List of Schools in Mahaicony:

  • Mahaicony Secondary
  • Novar Secondary
  • Karamat Primary
  • Gorden Table Primary
  • Mortice Primary
  • Strat-Campbelle Primary
  • Mahaicony Primary
  • Zeeland Primary
  • Calcutta Primary

Health care[edit]

Mahaicony Cottage Hospital-now renamed- Mahaicony District Hospital is an old land mark for the community, Serving its people for over years as the main health outreach alongside several health centres. The facility now facilities *Ultrasound, * X-Ray and other high profile technologies. The facility operates under the administration of Ministry of Health and Guyana Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC).