Mahanagar Telephone Mauritius Limited

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Mahanagar Telephone Mauritius Limited (MTML)
Wholly owned subsidiary
Industry Telecommunications
Founded 14 November 2003
Headquarters Port Louis
Key people
Sanjay Garg (CEO)
Products Telecommuncations services
Internet services
Revenue Approximately 188.8mn Mauritian rupees 2007-2008
Parent Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited (MTNL)

Mahanagar Telephone Mauritius Limited (MTML) is a telecommunications and Internet service provider in Mauritius. MTML was founded in 2003 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited (MTNL), an Indian Government-owned telecommunications company.

MTML provides basic, mobile and international long distance services as second operator in Mauritius. Necessary licenses were obtained in January 2004. MTML has, since 2005, already started its ILD & CDMA based basic services in Mauritius. In Mauritius, 144,312 telephone connections are actually operational from a total switching capacity of 200,000. Moreover, through joint ventures with local telecommunications providers, MTML also to offer internet access through its wireless network to its users from February 2007. MTML was incorporated as private domestic company at Mauritius on 14.11.2003 with an authorized capital of MUR 600M and the paid up capital as on 31.3.2008 stands as MUR 436.5 Million. The company is having License from the telecom regulatory ICTA for Fixed Telephone Services, Mobile Services, International Long Distance Services and Internet Services. It has installed 100K state of art technology CDMA IX & IX EVDO switch and additional 100K for GSM, with a radio network of 103 Base stations. The system is equipped to provide value added services viz., SMS, DATA, Multi Media service



The Company is second operator in Fixed Line and third operator in Mobile and one among the seven ILD operators.The company is equipped with call centre (10 positions) and 10 Customer Care centres all over the island and started its operations in the year 2005-2006 partially. The full operations of the company started from March 2007.


  • The company earned a gross revenue of MUR 188.8M from services during the year 2007-08 and just broke even during the year 2007-08.[citation needed]
  • The Fixed assets of the company as of 31.3.2008 MUR 445.27 M.[citation needed]

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