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Maharaja Harisingh Agri Collegiate School is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education New Delhi. The school is situated on Akhnoor road, off the main city of Jammu Tawi, India.

The school has scenic beauty with a canal flowing inside the campus and lush green play grounds with total area of 350 acres. The school is doing its best to preserve this precious gift in all its beauty and grandeur. The school, small wonder, boasts of having one of the best campuses in the country.Tall, stately, majestic trees are the students constant companions in their activities. It has labs, a library,and a sports complex.

The school is co-educational and has classes from 1st to 12th. Importance is given to co-curricular activities like art, music, sports and yoga. Many students are selected for IITs and NITs every year.


Surrounded by breathtaking greenery,the campus is located near a village called Nagbani, a name is derived from "snake". "Nag" in Hindi means a cobra. A canal (popularly known as "Nehar") runs through the campus. A small lake is present a little away from the campus. The lake was once used as a bathing ghat. A small temple is present at one end of the lake. Nagbani has one of the best school campus in India.


The School has several renowned art teachers and arts and crafts are compulsory for up to 10th standard. Students can enjoy water and oil painting, and sketching.


Competitions like flower show, salad show, fancy dress, painting, exhibitions are held.


Hindi Ragas along with regional/national songs are learnt


There are five football play fields and three basketball courts. Cricket is played. Athletic events like 100 and 400 meter races are held on the sports day celebrations. Basketball is the most played sport in the school with school winning tournaments. Teams from Nagbani have emerged as winners in many national sports events like CBSE Clusters and school nationals. Inter-house football matches are one of the most eagerly awaited events in the school.


Yogic postures and exercises are taught for the well being of the mind, body and soul. Havans are held for making the students aware of the religious and spiritual importance in life.

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