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Maharana (महाराना) is a variation on the Indian (mainly Hindu) royal title Rana. Maharana denotes 'king of kings' in Hindi.[1]

Ruler title in British India[edit]

Salute states (all in present India)[edit]

The gun salutes enjoyed by the states that acceded to the Dominion of India on 14 August 1947, included the following Maharanas:

  • Hereditary salute of 19-guns (21-guns local): the Maharana of Udaipur (Mewar)
  • Hereditary salute of 13-guns the Maharana of Rajpipla
  • Hereditary salute of 11-guns: the Maharana of Barwani

Hereditary salutes of 9-guns:

Some of the rulers were granted increased gun salutes after the independence, e.g. the above-listed Maharana of Mewar (Hindu; at Udaipur, Maharajpramukh in Rajasthan) was raised to first place in the Order of Precedence, displacing the Nizam of Hyderabad and Berar (Muslim), and all 9-gun states were permitted the use of the style of Highness.

Non-salute states ruled by a Maharana[edit]

Compound ruler titles[edit]

Other use[edit]