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Nikki maharani.jpg
Studio album by Nicolette Palikat
Released November 28, 2005
Recorded 2005
Genre Pop, R&B
Length ?
Label Artistes United Records
Producer Ning Baizura
Nicolette Palikat chronology
- Maharani

Maharani is a 2005 music album by Nicolette "Nikki" Palikat, the Kadazan-Dusun singer from Malaysian Idol, released on the Artistes United Records label. Ning Baizura is the executive producer. The album was released on two CDs, with the second disc containing remixes.

The album features a diverse range of instrumentation, from violins on "Imaginasi" to beat-drums and techno, and also features a rap from the Akademi Fantasia contestant Zahid. "Sunudai Oku" is sung in Nikki's native tongue, Bahasa Dusun. "Pinta" is the first single.

The music video for "Caramu," track 2 and likely one of her most popular hits, has recently fallen subject to considerable criticism due to blatant use of concepts and choreography from various works of international South Korean pop star, BoA.

In late 2006, the album were re-released with new tracks, new remixes as well a bonus music video VCD containing her music videos.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Imaginasi"
    • Composer: Audi Mok and Nur Fatima
    • Lyrics: Nur Fatima
  2. "Caramu"
    • Featuring: Zahid
    • Composer: Audi Mok
    • Lyrics: Nurfatima
  3. "Perang Atau Cinta"
    • Composer: Audi Mok
    • Lyrics: Layla Ismail and Ad Samad
  4. "Cinta Baru"
    • Composer: Johan Farid Khairuddin and Omar K
    • Lyrics: Johan Farid Khairuddin & Omar K
  5. "Julangan Permata"
    • Composer: Audi Mok
    • Lyrics: Anedra
  6. "Bahagia Selamanya"
    • Composer: Audi Mok
    • Lyrics:Ain
  7. "Janji"
    • Composer: Audi Mok
    • Lyrics:Azalea
  8. "Aku Maharani"
    • Composer: Audi Mok;
    • Lyrics:Ad Samad
  9. "Hey! Hey!"
    • Composer: Audi Mok
    • Lyrics:Ad Samad
  10. "Pinta"
    • Composer: Hazami
    • Lyrics:Imran
    • Notes: Released as first single
  11. "Sunudai Oku (Ucapkan Pada Ku)"
    • Composer: Jimmy Palikat
    • Lyrics: Florencia binti Kosmas
  12. "Caramu"
    • Composer: Audi Mok;
    • Lyrics:Nurfatima
    • Notes: Solo version
  13. "Imaginasi"
    • Featuring: Ning Baizura
    • Composer: Audi Mok and Nur Fatima
    • Lyrics: Nur Fatima
    • Notes: This was a hidden track,

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