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Maharao is a variation on the Indian (mainly Hindu) royal title Maharaja, also meaning 'great king' in Hindi. It is composed of Maha- 'great' and the royal title Rao, a variation on Raja.

Ruler title in British India[edit]

Salute states (all in present India)[edit]

The gun salutes enjoyed by princely states that acceded to the Dominion of India on 14 August 1947, included the following Maharaos:

  • Hereditary salute of 17-guns (19-guns local): the Maharao of Cutch (=Kachchh =Kutch)
  • Hereditary salute of 17-guns: the Maharao of Kotah
  • Hereditary salute of 17-guns: the Maharao of Bundi

Non-salute states[edit]

(probably quite incomplete)

Compound ruler titles[edit]

  • Maharao Raja of Bundi
  • Maharao of Alwar till April 1889, since

Other use[edit]