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Maharashtra State Film Awards, one of the prestigious awards of Marathi cinema, are awarded by the Government of Maharashtra to Marathi language films and artists. They were first awarded in 1963.



This year's award ceremony took place at Dadaji Kondadev Stadium, Thane, with the then Chief Minister of Maharashtra (late) Vilasrao Deshmukh inaugurating the function. Actor Ashok Saraf won his eleventh award for Best Actor in the Comic Role category. The following awards were presented:




This year's awards were presented at a ceremony held at the Garaware Stadium, Aurangabad.



  • Best Film I – Mi Sindhutai Sakpal (Siddhivinayak Cinevision Pvt. Ltd.)
  • Best Film II – Dhusar (Sarth)
  • Best Film III- Platform (Sai Arts)
  • Best Rural Film – Rajesh Pinjani for Babu Bend Baja (Jay Gajanan Production)
  • Best Social Film – Samruddhi Pore for Mla Aai Vyayach (Samruddhi Cine World)
  • Best Newcomer Producer – Karuya Udyachi Bat (Kailas Pictures)
  • Best Director I – Anant Narayan Mahadevan for Mi Sindhutai Sakpal
  • Best Director II – Amol Palekar for Dhusar
  • Best Director III – Veena Lokur for Platform
  • Best Debut Director – Vikram Gokhale for Aaghat
  • Best Director Rural Film – Rajesh Pinjani for Babu Bend Baja
  • Best Director Social Film – Samruddhi Pore for Mla Aai Vyayach
  • Best Actor – Prasad Oak for Ti Ratr
  • Best Actor – Subhod Bhave for Ranbhul
  • Best Actress – Mitali Jagtap for Babu Bend Baja
  • Best Special Appearance (Male) – Prasad Oak for Ti Ratr
  • Best Special Appearance I (Actress) – Kadambari Kadam for Aaghat
  • Best Special Appearance II (Actress) – Urmila kanitkar for Mla Aai Vyayach
  • Best Actor in a Comic Role – Pushkar Shroti
  • Best Actress in a Comic Role – Suhas Paranjpe for Kon Aahe Re Tikade
  • Best Newcomer Actress – Mrunmayi Deshpande for Lek mazi Gunachi
  • Best Story – Aaba Gaikwad for Antardah
  • Best Screenplay – Amol Shedge and Ajinkya Dev for Jeta
  • Best Dialogue – Shantanu Rode for Babu Bend Baja
  • Best Lyrics – Prakash Holkar for Babu Bend Baja
  • Best Music Director – Anand Modak for Dhusar
  • Best Singer (Female) – Urmila Dhangar for Durga Mahntyat Mla
  • Best Singer (Male) – Rajesh Datar for Samudr
  • Best Choreographer – Sharvari Jamenis for Samudr
  • Best Cinemetography – Debu Devdhar and Satish Sahastrabuddhe for Mani Mangalsutr
  • Best Costumes – Snigdha Akolkar for Mani Magalsutr
  • Best Make-up – Anil Pemgirikar for Agadbam
  • Best Art Director – Eknath Kadam for Mani Magalsutr
  • Best Sound – Dilip/Satish for Ramabai Bhimrao Ambedkar
  • Best Editing – Prakash Jadhav for Ramabai Bhimrao Ambedkar
  • Best Advertising – Kumar Ghokale for Lalbaug Paral
  • Best Child Actor I – Vivek Chabukswar for Babu Bend Baja
  • Best Child Actor II – Champion for Machindra Gadkar


  • Best Film I – Shala (Nishad Audio Visuals)
  • Best Film II – Deol (Devika Creations)
  • Best Film III – Tarache bet (Fiveday Movies & T.V. Pvt. Ltd)
  • Best Rural Film – Jan Gan Man (Golden Dream Production)
  • Best Social Film – Dusrya Jagatil (Pasaydan Chitr)
  • Best Debut Producer – Gajar (Sunil Khosala and Bhibha Dutta Khosala)
  • Best Director I – Sujay Dahake for Shala
  • Best Director II – Ravi Jadhav for Balgandharv
  • Best Director III – Kiran Yadnopavit for Tarache Bet
  • Best Rural Director – Ameet Abhyakar for Jan Gan Man
  • Best Social Director – Satish Randive for Dusrya Jagatil
  • Best Debut Director – Ajit Vaibhavkar for Gajar
  • Best Actor – Subhodh Bhave for Balgandharv
  • Best Actress – Mansi Salve for Sadrakshnay
  • Best Special Appearance (Actor) – Suhas Shirsat for Gajar
  • Best Special Appearance (Actress) – Jyoti Chandekar for Paulwata
  • Best Actor in a Comic Role – Anand Ingale for Paulwata
  • Best Special Appearance (Actress) – Jyoti Chandekar for Paulwata
  • Best Supporting Actress – Suhita Thatte for Sadrakshnay
  • Best Debut Actress – Sukhada Yash for Gajar
  • Best Child Actor – Ishan Tambe for Taryache Bet
  • Best Supporting Actor – Vidyadhar Joshi for Arjun
  • Best Choreographer – Rajesh Bhidwe for Arjun
  • Best Editing – Faisal Mahadik /Imaran Mahadik for Arjun
  • Best Singer (Female) – Devaki Pandit for Arjun
  • Best Dialogue – Sachin Darekar for Arjun
  • Best Story – Saurabh Bhave for Taryache Bet
  • Best Screenplay – Sachin Darekar for Morya
  • Best Lyrics – Arvind Jagtap for Dambis
  • Best Music Director – Narendra Bhide for Paulwata
  • Best Singer (Male) – Anand Bhate for Balgandharav
  • Best Cinemetography – Mahesh Limaye for Balgandharav
  • Best Art Director – Nitin Chandrakant Desai for Balgandharav
  • Best Sound – Christopher Robleto-Harvey for Shala
  • Best Costumes – Poornima Oak for Rajmata Jijau
  • Best Make-up – Vikram Gaikwad for Balgandharav



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