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Shiv Brat Lal Varman

Shiv Brat Lal Varman, popularly known by the honorifics "Data Dayal" (Merciful) and "Maharishi" (Great Sage), was born in Bhadohi district of Uttar Pradesh state in India in 1860. He was a post graduate and a famous writer. It is believed that he wrote as many as 3,000 books on various social, historical, religious and spiritual topics.[1] Being a famous writer he was called as the modern Maharishi Ved Vyas and hence became famous with the name Maharishi ji.


As an editor he moved to Lahore to edit the 'Arya Gazette' - an Urdu weekly. On 1 August 1907 he started his own magazine, Sadhu, and it acquired popularity very quickly. He became a famous writer and in his lifetime he edited and authored almost 3000 spiritual periodicals and books in Hindi, Urdu & English on various social, historical, religious and spiritual topics. His books Light of Anand Yoga, Dayal Yoga and Shabd Yoga became very famous.

Lal's books on the Radha Soami spiritual movement include:[2]

  1. Light of Anand Yoga (English)
  2. Dayal Yoga
  3. Shabd Yoga
  4. Radhaswami Yog: Part 1-6
  5. Radhaswami Mat Parkash
  6. Adbhut Upasana Yog: Part 1-2
  7. Anmol Vichar
  8. Dus Avtaron Ki Katha
  9. Kabir Prichaya Adyagyan
  10. Kabir Yog: Part 1-13
  11. Kabir Bijak: Part 1-3
  12. Karam Rahshya
  13. Nanak Yog: Part 1-3
  14. Panth Sandesh
  15. Safalta Ke Sadhan
  16. Sahaj Yog
  17. Saptrishi Vartant
  18. Sharanangati Yog
  19. Satsang Ke Aath Vachan
  20. Vayvahar Gyan Parkash
  21. Vicharanjali
  22. Vigyan Ramayana (Urdu)
  23. Vigyan Krishnayana (Urdu)


Maharishi Shiv Brat Lal Maharaj

To spread the Radha Soami spiritual movement, Lal began a long journey from Lahore to Calcutta on 2 August 1911. He then left Calcutta, proceeding towards Rangoon by sea. He reached Penang on 31 October and Hong Kong on 22 November, via Singapore and Java. After that he went to Japan and later he went to San Francisco in America, where he delivered two lectures.[3]


In 1912 Lal founded his ashram in Gopi Ganj in Mirzapur, Uttar Pradesh, India. His discourses attracted seekers of the Radha Soami movement from all over the India and abroad. He died on 23 February 1939 at the age of seventy-nine. His holy Samādhi stands at Radha Swami Dham, near Gopi Ganj.

Among those who continued his work was Baba Faqir Chand of Hoshiarpur.

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