Maharloo Lake

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Maharloo Lake
Maharlu lake by tasnim.jpg
Maharloo Lake is located in Iran
Maharloo Lake
Maharloo Lake
Locationsouth of Shiraz urban
Coordinates29°28′N 52°48′E / 29.467°N 52.800°E / 29.467; 52.800Coordinates: 29°28′N 52°48′E / 29.467°N 52.800°E / 29.467; 52.800
TypeSeasonal salt lake
Primary inflowsDry river, Soltanabad river (seasonal)
Basin countriesIran
Surface area600 km2 (230 sq mi)
Max. depthca. 100 m (330 ft)
Surface elevation1,500 m (4,900 ft)

Maharloo Lake (Persian: دریاچه مهارلو) is a seasonal salt lake in the highlands of the area of Shiraz, Iran.[1] 27.0 km (16.8 mi) southeast of Shiraz, the lake salt is rich in potassium and other salts.

Rudkhane-ye-Khoshk, a seasonal river flowing through the city of Shiraz, brings most of the flood water to the lake bed during intensive precipitation events. The lake water typically evaporates by the end of summer and exposes the white lake bed. By mid-summer and due to high evaporation rates and salt concentrations, the lake water turns pinkish red as a result of the red tide within the lake.

European Space Agency photo of Shiraz and Maharloo Lake

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