Mahaul Theek Hai

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Mahaul Theek Hai
Directed byJaspal Bhatti
Produced byJaspal Bhatti
Written byJaspal Bhatti
StarringJaspal Bhatti
Raj Babbar
Daljit Kaur
Smeep Kang
Asha Sharma
Kulbhushan Kharbanda
Distributed by21st Century Productions
Release date
12 February 1999
Running time
135 min.

Mahaul Theek Hai (Punjabi: ਮਹੌਲ ਠੀਕ ਹੈ, mahaul ṭhīk hae) (1999) is a Punjabi comedy film directed by Indian filmmaker Jaspal Bhatti. The English subtitled version is called The Atmosphere Is Right.[1]


Mahaul Theek Hai (meaning 'the situation is okay') is a record setting Punjabi film.[2] It is a comedy satire about the police force in India.[3] The plot is a story where boy (Smeep Kang) meets girl (Chandni Toor). The hero's brother Raj Babbar, is involved with an illegal businessman. The heroine's father Kulbhushan Kharbanda is cheated of land by his own brother. Played by director and satirist Jaspal Bhatti, the villain of the film is a corrupt SSP (police superintendent) who misuses his authority to threaten people and hide his own excesses.[4][5] His love interest is played by Bhatti's real life wife (Savita Bhatti). Shot mainly in the northern India city of Chandigarh, the story uses a simple plotline to create its comedy. Every situation which should seem serious is filled with the incessant jokes and humour which are Bhatti's trademark.[6][7][8]



The soundtrack for Mahaul Theek Hai was produced by H. M. Singh and released 12 February 1999 in the Punjabi language.[9]


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