Mahaut of Châtillon

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Mahaut of Châtillon
Mahaut ze Châtillonu.png
Spouse(s) Charles of Valois
Noble family House of Châtillon
Father Guy III of Châtillon
Mother Marie of Brittany
Born 1293
Died 3 October 1358(1358-10-03)

Mahaut of Châtillon (1293– 3 October 1358) was the daughter of Guy III of Châtillon and Marie of Brittany.


In 1308 she married Charles of Valois,[1] the son of Philip III of France and Isabella of Aragon. He was also the brother of Philip IV of France. Charles himself had married twice before; upon the death of his second wife Catherine I of Courtenay in 1308, he married Mahaut. Mahaut and Charles had four children. One of their daughters would make them ancestors of French Kings, and another daughter would become Queen of Germany.

Mahaut and Charles's children were:

Her husband Charles died in 1325. Mahaut died 33 years later in 1358 at the age of 65, having outlived three of her four children; only her daughter Isabella outlived her.



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