Mahboba Hoqomal

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Mahboba Hoqooqmal
Nationality Afghanistan
Occupation politician
Known for Served on the Constitutional Loya Jirga

Doctor Mahboba Hoqooqmal is an Afghan politician.[1]

She was a Law Professor at Kabul University.[1] She was appointed to the Emergency Loya Jirga of 2002, serving as its Vice-President. She also served on the Constitutional Loya Jirga, which sat from 2002 through 2004.[2][3] She served on the sixth of its ten committees, chaired by Maulowi Gul Muhammad. Her committee drafted 22 articles.

During the 2002-2004 period she also served as Minister of State and Presidential Advisor for Women's Affairs for the Afghan Transitional Administration.[1]


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