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Mahe municipality is the seat of Local Administration of the Mahe Region which belongs to the Union Territory of Puducherry. Mahe Municipality is in existence 200 years before under the French Regime. Mahe Municipal area comprises 9 km2. with single Assembly Constituency. The last Mayor and the first Chairman of this Municipality is Late. V. N. Purushothaman. Municipal Council was not in existence with effect from 1978. Thereafter the Regional Administrator, Mahe / Regional Executive Officer, Mahe used to exercise the power of the Chairman and Vice-Chairman in the capacity of Special Officer of Mahe Municipal Council.

Present wards of Mahe Municipality[edit]

Mahe Municipality consists of 15 wards. They are

Mahe Pocket

  • Manjakkal (W)
  • Choodikotta
  • Parakkal (W)
  • Valavil (W)
  • Mundock

Cherukallayi Pocket

  • Cherukallayi (W)

Naluthara Pocket

  • Chalakkara (Chalakkara (South))
  • Chembra (Chalakkara (North))
  • Palloor (South-West) (W)
  • Palloor (South-East)
  • Palloor (North-West)
  • Palloor (North-East)
  • Pandakkal (South)
  • Pandakkal (Centre)
  • Pandakkal (North)

Present situation[edit]

Civic election were held during 2006 after nearly 30 years. Present Chairman and Vice-chairman of Mahe Municipality was Mr. Ramesh Parambath and Mr. Vinodan. P.P. The Chairman and the fifteen councillors of Mahe Municipality were sworn in on

The present councillors are,

  • A.P. Sheeja [Ward No.1 - Parakkal]
  • P.P. Vinodan [Ward No.2 - Choodikotta] (Vice-Chairman)
  • P. Karthiyayani [Ward No.3 - Valavil]
  • Pallian Pramod [Ward No.4 - Mundock]
  • Sainaba [Ward No.5 - Manjakkal]
  • Sathyan Keloth [Ward No.6 - Chalakkara (South)]
  • K.V. Shobha [Ward No.6A - Cherukallayi]
  • Uthaman Thittayil [Ward No.7 - Chalakkara (North)]
  • P.T.C. Shobha [Ward No.8 - Palloor (South-West)]
  • E.V. Narayanan [Ward No.9 - Palloor (South-East)]
  • Arikulath M.P. Basheer [Ward No.10 - Palloor (North-East)]
  • Kannipoyil Babu [Ward No.11 - Palloor (North-West)]
  • Vadakkan Janardhanan [Ward No.12 - Pandakkal (South)]
  • T.K. Gangadharan [Ward No.13 - Pandakkal (Centre)]
  • K.V. Mohanan [Ward No.14 - Pandakkal (North)]