Mahendra Singh of Patiala

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Mahendra Singh
Maharaja of Patiala
Mahendra Singh of Patiala.jpg
Mahendra Singh in 1870
Reign 1862-1876
Born 1852
Died 1876
Dynasty Phulkian
Father Narendra Singh

Mahendra Singh GCSI (1852-1876) was the Maharaja of Patiala from 1862 to 1876.


Mahendra Singh was the son of Narendra Singh, Maharaja of the State of Patiala. He was a member of the Phulkian Dynasty and succeeded to the throne in 1862 while still a child, so a council of regency ran the state government until he came of age in 1870. During his rule, the Maharaja tried to improve his state by funding colleges and a new canal, and he provided relief for famine-stricken areas.[1] In the 1870 Birthday Honours, he was appointed a Knight Grand Commander of the Order of the Star of India.[2]

Mohindra College in Patiala is named after, and was founded in 1875 by him.

Dying in 1876, Mahendra Singh was succeeded as Maharaja by his young son Rajinder Singh (born 1872).


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