Mahindra Armada

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Mahindra Armada
Manufacturer Mahindra and Mahindra Limited
Production 1993-2000
Body and chassis
Class Multi utility vehicle
Body style 4-door MUV
Engine 2.5L Diesel
Power output Diesel, 4 Stroke oversquare, 4 cylinder, in-line
Transmission 4-speed manual, optional 4-wheel drive
Wheelbase 105.5 in (2,680 mm)
Length 4305 mm
Width 1720 mm
Height 1783 mm
Curb weight 1465 Kg (2WD)
1580 (4WD)

The Mahindra Armada was a sports utility vehicle (SUV) and multiutility vehicle (MUV) based on the jeep. It was produced in India from years 1993-2000. It led to production of the "Armada Grand" and the Mahindra Bolero.


The design of the Armada began with the Jeep. In the mid-1950s, American Motors Corporation made the "CJ-5" Jeep. From this vehicle, the MM540 Jeep was developed. The automotive firm, "Mahindra & Mahindra", developed the Commander and Marshal series of steel-bodied saloons with a long wheel base and 5 doors. The Armada was the 'upscale' version of these cars and a flagship model.


The Mahindra Armada had 15 inches (38 cm) wheels and lower-profile tires which gave it a lower stance and center of gravity. Thus, it was suited more to on road driving. (Later models had disc brakes). A 2.5 L Peugeot engine gave the Armada a maximum speed of 100 km/h.


External design features included the bolero style roofline; rectangular headlamps; body graphics; tacked-on plastic or fiberglass pieces in the grille area and on the wheel arches and bumpers.


The Armada internal features included air conditioning; molded plastic dashboards with an effectively placed instrument cluster; and an 8-passenger seating arrangement with the option of fold-down front and rear seats. The Armada likely represents the first attempt by any Indian firm to offer to the public what later became known as an MUV / SUV - an incrementally more upscale, comfortable, and road-oriented version of what had been a spartan, rugged, dirt-track utility vehicle.

Armada Grand[edit]

The Armada was superseded by the more luxurious Armada Grand. It had power windows and power steering; revised interior features and grille plastic; and an electro-mechanical 4x4 selector.

Mahindra Bolero[edit]

The Armada Grand was replaced by the Mahindra Bolero. It had a completely new design in front-end bodywork; independent front suspension (on the two wheel drive models); a five speed gearbox; and much improved sound insulation. It was considered more upscale even though it was missing simple features such as a windscreen defogger.