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Scale model of a Mahindra 475 DI

Mahindra Tractors is an international farm equipment manufacturer of Mahindra & Mahindra.[1] In 2010, Mahindra became the world's highest-selling tractor brand by volume. Mahindra's largest consumer base is in India, China, North America, and a growing market in Australia. The company is the largest manufacturer in India[2] and has the capacity to build 150,000 tractors a year.[3]

M&M produced its first tractor in 1963, the Mahindra B-275. Mahindra Tractors sold about 85,000 units annually making it one of the largest tractor producers in the world.[4] To expand into the growing tractor market in China, Mahindra acquired majority stake in Jiangling.

To raise awareness about Mahindra in the US, Mahindra USA announced its new sponsorship in the NASCAR Nationwide Series with R3 Motorsports, which is participating with a #23 Mahindra Tractors Chevrolet. The car was driven by Robert Richardson Jr. Mahindra USA, Inc. announced a 17-race primary and 18-race associate sponsorship for the 2009 NASCAR Nationwide Series.[5] With this sponsorship, Mahindra was the first Indian company to sponsor a car in NASCAR. In 2008, Mahindra was a sponsor of the McDonald Motorsports team which ran the #81 car in the NASCAR Nationwide Series.[5]

Mahindra operations[edit]

Mahindra Tractors operates in ten countries and has a fairly large customer base in the United States, Australia, Chile, Serbia, Indian Subcontinent, Iran, Syria and a major part of the African continent among many more.[6] Mahindra operates in China, North America and Australia through its subsidiaries, Jiangling, Mahindra USA and Mahindra Australia. It also operates in some Indian states through its subsidiaries Mahindra Gujarat and Swaraj.

Mahindra India[edit]

Mahindra Tractors at a Showroom in 2012 near Chengalpattu in Tamil Nadu
Mahindra 575 Di at sunset over a sugar cane field, Tamil Nadu, India

Mahindra Tractors is number one in sales in India - the largest tractor market in the world[7] - and it has been the market leader since 1983. Its sales are predominantly in the states of Gujarat, Haryana, Punjab, Maharashtra and the Southern States. Its sales in Gujarat are under the label Mahindra Gujarat and its sales in Punjab are under the label Swaraj. In 1999, Mahindra purchased 100% of Gujarat Tractors from the Government of Gujarat.[8] and Mahindra purchased a 64.6% stake in Swaraj in 2004.

Mahindra Tractors started manufacturing 15HP tractor under the brand name Yuvraj in Rajkot in 2011. The plant in Rajkot is set up jointly by Deepak Diesel Pvt Ltd and Mahindra & Mahindra. The plant has a maximum capacity of 30000 tractors per annum.

Mahindra USA[edit]

Mahindra 3616 HST MFWD is a Four wheel drive tractor sold in USA

In 1994, the company entered the American market as Mahindra USA; it has a sales and service network throughout the country. Mahindra USA, a subsidiary of Mahindra Tractors, is responsible for sales in North America. Mahindra has five assembly plants in the US—one at its North American headquarters in Houston, Texas, another in Marysville, California and one in Chattanooga, Tennessee. In August 2012, Mahindra USA opened its fourth assembly and distribution center in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania. In 2014, Mahindra USA opened its fifth assembly and distribution center in Lyons, Kansas.

In addition to building their own tractors, Mahindra also sources tractors from other manufacturers. For the USA market, Mahindra has purchased their core products from Tong Yang Moolsan, one of the top tractor manufacturers in South Korea, to cover selected product ranges.[7]

Mahindra Australia[edit]

Based in Brisbane, Mahindra Australia is a branch of Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. In 2005, the company entered the Australian market with the launch of its assembly & customer support centre in Acacia Ridge, QLD.[9] Currently, the company’s products are sold and serviced by 40 dealers throughout Australia. Mahindra Australia is also responsible for sales in New Zealand and the rest of Australasia. The Company's products are distributed in Fiji by Carpenters Motors.[9] In Western Australia and South Australia, Mahindra tractors are distributed by McIntosh Distribution.


In 2004 Mahindra purchased an 80% stake in Jiangling Tractors from Jiangling Motor Company in China. Mahindra also has a factory in China.

Mahindra has also formed a joint venture with Yueda group in Yancheng, China.


  • Mahindra India
    • Swaraj
    • Trakstar - Gromax Agri Equipment Ltd.
  • ITMCO-Mahindra
  • Jiangling
    • FengShou
    • Lenar
  • Mahindra Agribusiness - founded in 2000 to incorporate the entire food chain.[10]

Assembly plants[edit]

Domestic (India)[edit]

Mahindra Australia[edit]

United States of America[edit]

Detroit ( R&D Plant )


  • Jiangling, China



United States of America[edit]

Sealy, Texas (Cliff Jones Mahindra Tractor)

Henderson, North Carolina (Vanco Outdoor Equipment)

Dover, North Carolina (Tractor Country)

Olive Branch, MS (Economy Lawn & Ag, division of Economy Rental)[12]


New Holland


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