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Mahjong has been a common culture of China, Hong Kong, Japan, and other Asian regions. It shows a high degree of influence from Chinese culture.

Hong Kong[edit]

In Hong Kong:

  • During a Chinese wedding banquet, guests play Mahjong during the waiting time.
  • A count-down Mahjong before the Chinese New Year or the New Year is a typical practice for many Hong Kong families.
  • While most people have a Mahjong set at home, most Chinese restaurants offer sets of Mahjong equipment for their customers.
  • Officially, casinos are illegal in Hong Kong. However, there are legal Mahjong schools, where gamblers can play Mahjong.
  • The elderly are encouraged to play Mahjong as brain exercise.
  • To invite a person to a Mahjong game is an indication of friendliness in Chinese Culture.

However, Mahjong games also create problems. Addiction to Mahjong is a common type of problem gambling. Mahjong is also a favourite medium for bribery - the person giving the bribe will intentionally lose large sums of money to the person being bribed. Recent studies also suggest Mahjong can cause epilepsy [1]

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