Mahmoodullah Shah

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Syed Sultan Mahmoodullah Shah Hussaini
Photo of Syed Sultan Mahmoodullah Shah Hussaini's grave
Grave (Mazaar) photo
Religion Islam
Sect Sunni Hanafi
Died 6th Zilhajja, 1311 AH, 1894 CE[1]
Senior posting
Based in Hyderabad, India
Predecessor Shaikh Syed Burhanuddin Haqqani Haqnuma [1]
Successor Syed Machiliwale Shah [1]
Religious career
Profession Author

Syed Sultan Mahmoodullah Shah Hussaini (died 1894 CE), also known as "Shah ji", was a renowned Muslim Sufi, saint and scholar of the Quadri, Chisti order from the Indian subcontinent. He was the native of Kurnool . His most famous disciple and spiritual successor was Hazrath Machiliwale Shah, who in turn became the spiritual master of India's noted Sufi saint.[1][2]


Syed Sultan Mahmoodullah Shah Hussaini spiritual guide(shaikh) was Shaikh Syed Burhanuddin Haqqani Haqnuma. He stayed in secunderabad and Hyderabad. Many scholars of twin cities learned the intricacies of Tauheed and Tasawwuf from him. He initiated Shah Kamalullah popularly known as Machiliwale Shah in tasawwuf and made him successor(janasheen).[1][2]


He died on 6th Zilhajja, 1311 AH corresponding to 1894 CE. His mazar (grave) is situated in Takia Munnamiya, beside Osmania general Hospital, Afzalgunj, Hyderabad.[1]


His annual Urs is organized by his present successor Moulana Ghousavi Shah (Secretary General:The Conference of World Religions & President: All India Muslim Conference)[3][4] on 29th Rabi-us-sani every year.[1]



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