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Mahmoud Sadri is an Iranian sociologist. He is the twin brother of Ahmad Sadri.

Mahmoud Sadri is a full professor of sociology at the Federation of North Texas Area Universities that includes Texas Woman's University, University of North Texas, and A&M University, Commerce. His major interests include Sociology of Religion, Sociology of Culture, and Theoretical Sociology.[1] His other interests include reform Islam and Interfaith Dialogue. He has a (still developing) website that contains most of his Persian and some of his English works. The address is:

Dr. Sadri regularly contributes to popular journals and newspapers in Iran, and grants interviews to radio and television programs such as BBC, Radio France, Voice of America, and Radio Australia. Also, he writes op. ed pieces for Daily Star, The Guardian, UK. The New York Times, Fort Worth Daily Telegraph, Newsweek, and Time have carried interviews, profiles, and quotations from him in the recent years.[1]


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