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This article is about the district. For other uses, see Mahmoudiyah.

Al-Mahmudiya (المحمودية) is a district in Baghdad Governorate, Iraq.

Mahmudiya District has approximately 550,000 inhabitants, about 82 percent of them Shia and the rest Sunni. This ratio is the result of the Iraqi Civil War of 2006-2007, when the Shias of Yusufiya and Iskandariya moved to Mahmudiya, and the Sunnis of Mahmudiya sought refuge in the other two cities. Most of the inhabitants live in rural areas.

Tribal inhabitants of the district are of five tribes: Al Janabi, Dulaim, Al Ubaid, Qarghoul and Al Jubour


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Coordinates: 33°04′N 44°22′E / 33.067°N 44.367°E / 33.067; 44.367