Mahnaz Afshar

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Mahnaz Afshar
Mahnaz Afshar - fajr festival(Cropped).jpg
Mahnaz Afshar at Fajr Film Festival, 2014
Born Mahnaz Afshar
(1977-06-11) June 11, 1977 (age 39)
Tehran, Iran
Occupation Actress
Years active 1999–present
Spouse(s) Yasin Ramin (m. 2014)
Children Lianah (b. 2015)
Website Official Facebook Page

Mahnaz Afshar (born 11 June 1977, in Tehran) is an Iranian actress who has been active since 1999 with acting in cinema and television series.

Early life[edit]

She graduated in natural science in high school. After graduation, one of her relatives who was the Theater Affairs Assistant in "Soureh" college introduced her to "Hannaneh" Art institute. Having studied video edition in the following years, she participated in assembly job of "Ketabe Avval" training materials, directed by Dariush Mehrjui.

Later on, she was invited by Shamsi Fazl Elahi to act in a TV series called Gomshodeh (Lost) directed by Masoud Navaii, making her first official play in TV industry. Her professional career continued by acting in a movie called "Doostam" (Friends) directed by Abdollah Eskandari. The film, however, was not released in movie theaters due to complications with the authorities regarding the story and morals of the film.[1][2]

Her first official appearance as an actress in the cinema industry debuted in a work called Shoure Eshgh (Passion of Love), which received positive reviews by audience and critics of the time. Having gained substantial fame for her act, she later appeared in "Atashbas" (Ceasefire), a major hit, and "Salade Fasl" (Season Salad) .[3]


Year Title Director Role
1999 Shirha-ye-javan (The Young Lions) Mohsen Mohseni Nasab
1999 Doostan (Friends) Ali Shah Hatami
2000 Shoor-e eshgh (The Passion of Love) Nader Moghaddas
2000 Khakestary (Gray) Bita
2001 Negin (Gem) Neda
2002 Zahr-e asal (The Poison of Honey)
2002 Dokhtary dar ghafas (The Girl in the Cage)
2003 Koma (Coma)
2003 Sizdah gorbeh rooy-e shirvani (13 Cats on the Roof)
2004 Salad-e fasl (Salad) Fereydoun Jeyrani Mehr Angiz
2005 Kargaran mashghool e karand (Men at Work) Mani Haghighi Sahar
2005 Che kasi amir ra kosht? (Who Murdered Amir?) Mehdi Karampour Marjan
2005 Taleh (Trap) Sirous Alvand
2005 Akvarium (Aquarium) Iraj Ghaderi
2006 Atash bas (Cease Fire) Tahmineh Milani Sayeh
2006 Mohakemeh (The Trial)
2006 Raees (The Boss) Masoud Kimiai Tala
2007 Kalagh par
2007 Tasvi-eh hesab (Pay Back) Tahmineh Milani Sara
2007 Enekas (Reflection)
2008 Shabane rooz
2008 Da-vat (Invitation) Ebrahim Hatamikia Shaida
2008 Shirin Abbas Kiarostami Woman in audience
2008 Poopak & mash mashal-lah Farzad Motamen Poopak
2009 Emshab shab-e mahtab-e Hadi Karimi Sahar
2009 Khatereh (Memory) Nader Tarighat
2009 pesar-e adam, dokhtar-e hav-va (Eve's daughter, Adam's son) Rambod Javan Mina
2009 tabagheh sev-vom (The third floor) Bijan Mirbagheri
2010 Pazel (Puzzle) (Gheseye Pariya) fereydoun Jeyrani
2011 Barf rooye kajha (snow on pine trees) Peyman Moaadi
2011 ye asheghaneye sadeh (A Simple Love story) Saman Moghadam Gandom
2011 Pole Choobi (Wooden Bridge) Mehdi Karampour
2011 Felicity Land (Sa-adat abad) Maziar Miri Laleh
2012 From Tehran to Paradise
2012 Che khobe bargashti Dariush Mehrjui
2013 Kolah Ghermezi 92 Iraj Tahmasb Herself
2013 Metropole Masoud Kimiai Khatoon
2014 Biganeh Bahram Tavakoli Sepideh
2014 Eshgh Tatil Nist Bijan Birang Nafas
2015 Delam Mikhad (I Want) Bahman Farman Ara
2015 Moalem (Teacher) Naser Saeidaf
2015 Nahange Abar (Sperm Whale) Saman Moghadam Rouya
2015 Khane e Dar Khiaban 41 (The House on the 41st Street) Hamidreza Ghorbani
2016 Nahange Abar 2 (Sperm Whale 2) Saman Moghadam Rouya
2016 Delighted Abdolreza Kahani
2017 Woodpecker Behrouz Shoeibi


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