Mahnaz Samadi

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Mahnaz Samadi is an Iranian dissident and human rights activist,[1] who was previously a member in the Iranian Mujahideen-e Khalq.[2][3]

In 1982, she was accused of leading a terrorist attack against the Iranian government on behalf of the MEK.[3]

In 1993, she traveled to Canada and replaced Robab Farahi-Mahdavieh as the leader of North American operations of the MEK's civilian front.[3]

She was arrested in Ottawa in 1999,[2] and in 2000 faced an American immigration board after she applied for political asylum.[1]

However, John Ashcroft, serving in his then-capacity as Senator of Missouri wrote a May 10 plea for lenience in her hearing to Attorney General Janet Reno, arguing that Samadi was a "highly regarded human-rights activist".[4]


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