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Mahogany Sessions
Mahogany Sessions
YouTube information
Years active2009 - Present
Total views184.9 Million

Mahogany Sessions is a London based YouTube channel founded in 2009.[1] The channel has hosted performances from artists including Billy Lockett,[2] Rhye,[3] Jack Garrett,[4] Laura Marling [4] and Roo Panes.[5]


Mahogany originally started as a WordPress-based music blog in February 2009. ‘The Mahogany Blog’ gained an online following and a year later on 1 July 2010, ‘The Mahogany Sessions’ YouTube channel was launched.[1][6][7]


In 2017, Mahogany Sessions partnered with Canon on their EOS C200 camera to film a live session which featured rising UK jazz star Alfa Mist.[8][9]

In 2017, Mahogany Sessions also partnered with LVMH and Krug Champagne to create a bespoke music and food festival featuring Michelin-star chef Francis Mallman, and live music from Jacob Banks, Ady Suleiman and Jones.[10][11]

Mahogany Records[edit]

In 2017, Mahogany Records was launched, a full service record label that uses the Mahogany platform to gain exposure for new and emerging talent.[12] Signings include London-based KAWALA,[13] electronic act Model Man, Dallas-based singer Abraham Alexander [14] and singer-songwriter Toby Johnson.


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