Mahoosuc Notch

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Mahoosuc Notch
Elevation750 m (2,461 ft)
Traversed byAppalachian Trail
LocationNorth Oxford, Oxford County, Maine, United States
RangeMahoosuc Range
Coordinates44°32.29′N 70°59.36′W / 44.53817°N 70.98933°W / 44.53817; -70.98933
Topo mapUSGS Old Speck Mountain

Mahoosuc Notch is a deep gap in the Mahoosuc Range of western Maine in the United States. It is traversed by the Appalachian Trail.


The boulders on this mile-long section of trail present obstacles that must be climbed over and sometimes under, creating a unique hiking experience. There are occasional 10-foot (3.0 m) drops, and places where packs must be removed to squeeze beneath a boulder.

Many hikers call this stretch one of the slowest on the approximately 2,200-mile (3,500 km) trail. This so-called "killer mile" or the "Toughest Mile"[1] is a very tough section that can cause even the most experienced hikers to slow down.[2]

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