Mahshid Moshiri

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Mahshid Moshiri

Mahshid Moshiri (born 21 March 1951 in Tehran, Iran) (Persian: مهشید مشیری‎) is an Iranian novelist and lexicographer.

Youth and studies[edit]

Mahshid Moshiri was born 21 March 1951, in Tehran, Iran. She graduated from the University of Gabon with a PhD in linguistics. She is the author of the first Persian Phono-Orthographic Dictionary. She is also an encyclopedist, and has served as the Research Vice President of The Great Persian Encyclopedia Foundation.[1]

Selected works[edit]

Persian dictionaries[edit]

  • Persian Dictionary (alphabetical & analogical). 5th ed, Soroush, Tehran, 2004.
  • An Unabridged Persian Dictionary (Fascicle 1). GPE, Tehran. 2003.
  • Persian General Dictionary (in 202 volumes). 2nd ed, Alborz, Tehran, 2004.
  • Concise Persian Dictionary. 6th ed, Alborz, Tehran, 2003.
  • Collegiate Persian Dictionary. 2nd ed, Peykan, Tehran, 2003.

Bilingual dictionaries[edit]

  • Dictionary of the Verbs (French-Persian). 2nd ed, Soroush, Tehran, 2004.
  • Atlas English-Persian Dictionary (5 volumes), Editor-in-Chief, Aryan-Tarjoman, Tehran, 2007.

Specialized dictionaries[edit]

  • Persian Phono-Orthographic Dictionary. Ketabsara, Tehran, 1987.
  • Dictionary of European Words in Persian. Alborz, Tehran, 1993.
  • Dictionary of Love & Gnosticism. Alborz, Tehran, 1997.
  • Dictionary of Reduplication, assimilation & repetition in Persian. Agahan-e Ideh, Tehran, 1999.
  • Thematic Dictionary of Saadi's Lyrics. Hormozgan University Press, 2000.
  • Thematic Dictionary of Farrokhi Yazdi’s Lyrics. Agahan-e Ideh, Tehran, 2000.
  • Rime & Rhythm Dictionary of Saadi's Lyrics. Hormozgan University Press, 2001.
  • A Persian Dictionary of the Youngsters’ Vernacular. Agahan-e Ideh, Tehran, 2002.
  • Dictionary of Persian poets from the apparition of Dari Persian until today (realized in French language. Aryan-Tarjoman. Tehran. 2007.


  • Yad-e Jaran (The Memories of Childhood). Alborz, Tehran, 1998.
  • There is a fire … Hamshahri, Tehran, 2003.
  • The anemone has flowered everywhere. (Iranian novel in French). Aryan-Tarjoman, Tehran, 2007.