Mahya Dağı

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Mahya Dağı
Mahya Dağı is located in Turkey
Mahya Dağı
Mahya Dağı
Mahya Dağı within Turkey
Highest point
Elevation1,031 m (3,383 ft)
Coordinates41°47′N 27°37′E / 41.783°N 27.617°E / 41.783; 27.617Coordinates: 41°47′N 27°37′E / 41.783°N 27.617°E / 41.783; 27.617
Parent rangeStrandzha (Yıldız Mountains)

Mahya Dağı (Bulgarian: Махиада, Mahiada) (1031 m) is a mountain peak in Turkey. It is the highest peak of the Strandzha massif (Yıldız Mountains) and also the European part of Turkey.


View of Mahya Dağı from Bulgaria. Picture taken at about 34.9 km (21.7 mi) from almost straight northern direction.

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