Mai (Chinese surname)

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麥 or 麦
Family name
Meaning Wheat or barley
Region of origin China
Language(s) of origin Chinese

Mai is a Chinese surname. It is commonly transliterated as Mak in Hong Kong, based on the Cantonese pronunciation. The meaning of the Chinese character is either wheat or barley. Other transliterations of the surname include Mui, Muk, Beh, and Mach.


  • 1. From Han (Surname) history, a boy wait for Han Xin join Mai (Surname) during refuge.
  • 2. From Liu (Surname) history, after Han Jingdi command, commoner join Mai (Surname).
  • 3. From Qu (Surname) history, after chaos happen they member join Mai (Surname).
  • 4. From He (Surname) history, Sui Wendi granted the official Rao Feng a Mai (Surname).
  • 5. From Hui peoples Mai (Surname) adopted.
  • 6. From Ancient Xianbei Yuwen Tai son Yuwen Xi's worker adopted Mai (Surname) in Guangzhou Silk Road.

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