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History of Karachi
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Ancient period


Islamic period

Muhammad bin Qasim

Local dynasties

Mai Kolachi
Kalhora dynasty
Talpur dynasty

British period

Sind Division
Sind Province

Independent Pakistan

Federal Capital Territory
1972 labour unrest

Mai Kolachi (Urdu: مائی کلاچی ‎) (Lady Kolachi) was a fisher woman who settled near the delta of the Indus River to start a community. This port was named after her as Kolachi and this community was later developed into modern Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan.

Kolachi or Kulachi is a Baloch tribe which originated from Kulanch, an area in Makran Balochistan. Mai Kolachi migrated from Makran and settled in the area presently known as Karachi. The word "Mai" is still used in Sindh and it means "Respected Lady".

"Kolachi" was reputedly founded by Baloch tribes from Balochistan and Makran, who established a small fishing community in the area. Descendants of the original community still live in the area on the small island of Abdullah Goth, which

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