Mai Sukhan

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Mai Sukhan
Died 1824
Known for military leadership
Spouse(s) Sardar Gulab Singh Bhangi

Mai Sukhan was the widow of late 18th and early 19th century Sikh leader Sardar Gulab Singh Bhangi who had died in 1800.[1] The rulers of the Misl were the Jatts of Dhillon Clan who had ruled from 1716 to 1810. Mai Sukhan gained recognition in Punjab for her military leadership.

Mai Sukhan was a powerful Sikh ruler of the region, which gained her recognition throughout Punjab.

In 1805, when the forces of the Lahore-based Sikh emperor Ranjit Singh were in the midst of the conquest of the holy city of Amritsar, the band of defenders under the command of Mai Sukhan Dhillon held them off for a considerable period.[2][3] When requested to surrender the gun Zamzama by Ranjit Singh, Mai Sukhan sealed the city and prepared to defend it. The emperor afterwards recognized her bravery by giving her five or six villages.[4]

She had a son named Gurdit Singh Dhillon, aged ten when his father Gulab Singh died.[1] She died in 1824.[5]


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