Maicha wo Baucha

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Maicha wo Baucha
First appearanceMaicha wo Baucha
August 2, 2012
Created byBukesh Maharjan (Uvniverse)
GenderMaicha Female
Baucha Male

Maicha wo Baucha(Nepali: मैंचा व बौचा) are The Boy and The Girl cartoon characters. They were created by Bukesh Mahrjan in 2012. Hakupatasi (black sari), red blouse, white shawl, long black hair, red flower and golden ornaments are characteristic features of Maicha while Baucha typically wears topi (Newari cap), tapa lann (Newari kurta suruwal), flower on his right ear, janni (cotton belt) and shoes. Maicha wo Baucha are the Nepal's 1st and most happening characters and have become one of the most recognizable cartoon characters in Nepal. [1]


On 29 March 2013, Bukesh in association with 'TShirt Nepal' launched Maicha wo Baucha's T Shirt in Nepal in an event organised by 'Kalash Events' and 'Nepa Dance Academy'.[2]

T Shirts[edit]

  • MB Namaste
  • MB Cycling
  • MB DJ
  • MB Boating
  • MB on Window
  • MB Massage
  • MB Rain
  • MB on Swoyambhu
  • MB Celebration
  • Baucha with Basuri (Flute)
  • Maicha in Garden
  • MB Dashain
  • MB Dashain Kids


Maicha wo Baucha featured calendar[3] was published on Smashing Magazine for the month of June in 2014

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