Maidens Hotel, Delhi

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Maidens Hotel
Oberoi Maidens Hotel, Delhi.jpg
Hotel chain Oberoi Hotels & Resorts
General information
Address Civil Lines, Delhi
Opening 1903

The Maidens Hotel, Delhi, also Oberoi Maidens Hotel, and originally, Maiden's Metropolitan Hotel is a heritage hotel in the Civil Lines section of Delhi, India. It was opened in 1902 in its present location.


A 1908 travel handbook advertising the Maiden's Metropolitan Hotel in Delhi

The original hotel (Metropolitan Hotel) was jointly run by two Englishmen brothers, the Maiden brothers, from 1894 onwards, and in its present location by one of them, J. Maiden, from 1902 onwards. In the early 20th century, the hotel was widely considered to be the best hotel in Delhi. At the time of the 1903 Coronation Durbar held by Lord Curzon to celebrate the coronation of Edward VII as Emperor of India, the Metropolitan Hotel was the most sought after hotel accommodation in Delhi and the most expensive.



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