Maidstone (film)

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For other uses, see Maidstone (disambiguation).
Directed by Norman Mailer
Produced by Buzz Farber
Norman Mailer
Written by Norman Mailer
Starring Norman Mailer
Rip Torn
Beverly Bentley
Robert Gardiner
Carolyn McCullough
Lenny Morris
Ultra Violet
Harris Yulin
Music by Isaac Hayes
Wes Montgomery
Cinematography Nick Doob
Richard Leacock
D. A. Pennebaker
Nicholas T. Proferes
Sheldon Rochlin
Diane Rocklin
Jan Welt
Edited by Lana Jokel
Norman Mailer
Jan Welt
Supreme Mix Productions
Distributed by Supreme Mix Productions
The Criterion Collection (DVD)
Release dates
Running time
110 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Maidstone is a 1970 American independent drama film written, produced and directed by Norman Mailer. It stars Mailer and Rip Torn.


Famous film director Norman Kingsley (Norman Mailer) runs for President while working on his latest film project. His brother Raoul (Rip Torn) continues to cling to him for his money.


Actor Role
Norman Mailer Norman Kingsley
Rip Torn Raoul Rey O'Houlihan
Beverly Bentley Kingsley's wife
Robert Gardiner Secret Service Chief
Carolyn McCullough
Leonard Morris
Ultra Violet Herself
Harris Yulin


The film is now famous for the improvised fight between Norman Mailer and Rip Torn. As the camera rolled, Torn struck Mailer in the head with a hammer, intending to "kill his character." Mailer's scalp opened up, and a vicious fight ensued. With the camera still rolling, Torn energetically strangled Mailer until the fight was broken up by Mailer's wife Beverly and Mailer's wailing children. During the melee, Mailer bit off a small chunk of Torn's ear. The fight, in which the actors called each other by their real names, made it into the film.


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