Maiko Kawakami

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Maiko Kawakami
Native name 川上 麻衣子
Born (1966-02-05) February 5, 1966 (age 51)[1]
Stockholm, Sweden
Nationality Japanese
Occupation Actress
Years active 1980-present
Known for Kinpachi-sensei
Ureshi Hazukashi Monogatari
Height 1.62 m (5 ft 4 in)[1]

Maiko Kawakami (川上 麻衣子?, Kawakami Maiko, born February 5, 1966) is a Swedish-born Japanese actress who has starred in numerous movies and TV serials.[2][3] She is a graduate of Keio University through distance education.[4]


Maiko debuted on an NHK drama titled Kizuna. In 1980, she starred in the 2nd Kinpachi-sensei series. The following year, she released a J-pop single, Byakuya no sedai, as a Japanese idol. She married her junior-high sweetheart in 1996, but was divorced in 2000.

Kawakami is perhaps best known for her role in the 1989 Sesame Street TV special Big Bird in Japan. She was also a guest judge on the Japanese version of Iron Chef. In the tokusatsu series Ultraman Ginga, she portrayed the role of Tomomi Kuroki.


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