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Type of site
Web-based email
Owner Kryptotel fz llc.
Registration Yes
Launched 2010
Current status Active

Mail1Click Is a Secure email service, which uses encryption algorithm open source globally recognized as inviolable: TLS, RSA and AES.[1]

Mail1click generates an RSA key 4096 bits in length.[2] A complete RSA key is composed from a Private Key and a Public Key. The private key is used to sign the messages sent and to decrypt the messages received by the key's owner. The public key will be used by any sender to encrypt a message to the key owner. Mail1Click offers "free" and "paid" versions of service and this encrypted email service to provide both a web-based email and a downloadable app for each major operating system: Android, IOS and Windows. [3]

Advantages and Uses[edit]

This Encryption Software is used for several reasons, to protect information such as purchases with credit card, personal ID or Social Security, political opinions, workplace disapproval, etc. The advantage is that it is considered a very high security level performance tool.

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