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A Mailbox is a box, usually at the end of the driveway, that mail carriers put mail in. Mailbox may refer to:

  • Letter box (also known as a letter plate, letter hole, deed or mail slot), a private receptacle for incoming mail
  • Post box (also known as a drop box), a public receptacle for outgoing mail
  • Pillar box, a freestanding post box in the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth
  • Pigeon-hole messagebox, also known as a cubbyhole, pigeon-hole or pidge
  • Email box, a destination for electronic messages
  • Message queue, a means of interprocess communication in software engineering
  • Mailbox (app), email management software for mobile devices
  • The Mailbox, a retail complex in Birmingham, England
  • The Mailbox (film), a short movie by the LDS Church

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