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Coordinates: 23°45′N 120°15′E / 23.750°N 120.250°E / 23.750; 120.250

Mailiao Township in Yunlin County
Mailiao Township

Mailiao Township (Chinese: 麥寮鄉; pinyin: Màiliáo Xiāng; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Be̍h-liâu Hiong) is a rural township in northwestern Yunlin County, Taiwan.[1]


With a population of 43,880 people, Mailiao has an area of 80.1668 km2.

Administrative divisions[edit]

Maifeng, Maijin, Wayao, Xinghua, Haifeng, Houan, Zhongxing, Sancheng, Lunhou, Qiaotou, Xinji, Shicuo and Leicuo Village.


The township's chief industry is the Formosa Mailiao Refinery, an oil refinery that processes 400,000 barrels (64,000 m3) of crude oil per day. The refinery exports it goods via the township's harbor.


Tourist attractions[edit]


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