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Maimón is located in the Dominican Republic
Coordinates: 18°46′12″N 70°19′48″W / 18.77000°N 70.33000°W / 18.77000; -70.33000Coordinates: 18°46′12″N 70°19′48″W / 18.77000°N 70.33000°W / 18.77000; -70.33000
CountryDominican Republic
ProvinceMonseñor Nouel
 • Total90.07 km2 (34.78 sq mi)
 • Total18,655
 • Density210/km2 (540/sq mi)
Distance to
 – Bonao

24 km
Municipal Districts

Maimón is a town in the Monseñor Nouel province of the Dominican Republic. Maimón is situated between Maimón river, La Leonora river, Yuna river and Zinc river, formed by a little valley and mountains in his sides. The colonies that were established in Bonao needed to encounter an easy lane to get to Concepción de la Vega, where was settled the general authorities at that time, the first Bonao was established in a little town that today is known as Sonador.

Sal Garcías, Miss Dominican Republic 2016.


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