Main Agency of Automobiles and Tanks of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

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Emblem of the Main Agency of Automobiles and Tanks of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

Main Automotive-Armoured Directorate of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation (Russian: Главное автобронетанковое управление МО РФ, translit. Glavnoye Avtobronetankovoye Upravleniye MO RF, abbr. GABTU; another translation: Main Directorate of Armoured Forces) is a department of the Russian Ministry of Defence which is subordinated to the Chief of Armaments and Munitions of the Armed Forces, vice-minister of defense (nachal'nik vooruzheniya VS RF – zamestitel' Ministra oborony RF). Its director appears to currently be General Major Vladislav Polonskiy, as identified by Krasnaya Zvezda on September 14, 2004.[1]

Object numbers[edit]

GABTU is responsible for assignment of object (Russian: Объект) numbers to almost all the tanks and other combat vehicles entering service in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. Объект is often transliterated as obyekt, ob'yekt, obyect, obiekt, etc. These names are sometimes referred to incorrectly as "industry designation" or "factory names".

The initial digit corresponds to the design bureau.

  • 1-99 Gorky Automobile Factory (GAZ)
  • 100-199 Ural Railway Car Building Factory (Uralvagonzavod plant №183)
  • 201-299 Leningrad Kirov Plant (LKZ)
  • 300-349 Ural Plant of Transport Engineering (UZTM)
  • 400-499 Malyshev Factory (HZTM)
  • 500 Omsktransmash (plant №174)
  • 501-549 Rubtsovsk Engineering Works
  • 550-599 Mytishchi Machine Building Factory (MMZ)
  • 600-699 Kurgan Engineering Factory (KMZ)
  • 700-799 Chelyabinsk Kirov (Tractor) Plant (ChKZ, ChTZ)
  • 800-849 Various
  • 850-899 Moscow Automobile Factory (ZIS, ZIL)
  • 900-999 Stalingrad (Volgograd) Tractor Factory (STZ, VgTZ)
  • 1000-1050 Kutaisi Automotive Factory (KAZ)[2]


Object Number Vehicle Type Year Notes
019 Infantry fighting vehicle Experimental wheeled IFV
105 SU-100P Self propelled gun 1949 Experimental, rear mounted 100 mm D-50
108 SU-152G Self propelled gun Experimental, with 152 mm D-1
112 Armoured personnel carrier 105 variant
116 SU-152P Self propelled gun Experimental, with 152 mm M-53
117 Self propelled floodlight
120 SU-152 "Taran" Tank destroyer 1965
126 T-50 Light tank 1941
135 T-34-85 Medium tank 1943
136 T-44 Medium tank 1944
137-1 T-54-1 Main battle tank 1946 M1946
137G T-54A Main battle tank
137G2 T-54B Main battle tank
137G2K T-54BK Main battle tank
137GK T-54AK Main battle tank Command version
137GM T-54AM Main battle tank 137G modernization
137GMK T-54AMK Main battle tank 137GM command version
137K T-54K Main battle tank 137-3 command version
137M T-54M Main battle tank 137-1, 137-2, 137-3 modernization
137MK T-54MK Main battle tank 137M command version
137R T-54-2 Main battle tank 1949 M1949
137Sh T-54-3 Main battle tank 1951 M1951
138 SU-100 Tank destroyer 1944
139 T-54M Main battle tank Accepted for service, but not produced
140 Main battle tank 1954 Accepted for service, but not produced
141 Main battle tank 1953 Modernization of the Object 137
142 Main battle tank 1954 Variant of the 140 but with a chassis similar to that of Object 155, accepted for service, but not produced
148 T-14 Main battle tank 2015
149 T-15 Infantry fighting vehicle 2015
150 IT-1 Main battle tank 1968 Missile armed
155 T-55 Main battle tank
155A T-55A Main battle tank
155AD-1 T-55AD-1 Main battle tank 1983 155A with Drozd and V-46-5M engine
155AD T-55AD Main battle tank 1983 155A with Drozd
155AK T-55AK Main battle tank 155A command version
155K T-55K Main battle tank 155 command version
155M T-55M Main battle tank 1984
165 T-62A Main battle tank 1959
165K Main battle tank Command version of the 165
165P Main battle tank Variant of the 165 with increased radiation protection
166 T-62 Main battle tank 1959 Based on the 165 but unlike the 165 it was armed with the smooth-bore U-5TS
166D T-62D Main battle tank 1983 166 with Drozd
166K T-62K Main battle tank 1964 Command version of 166
166P T-62P Main battle tank Variant of the 166 with increased radiation protection
166KN T-62K Main battle tank 1964 166 with TNA-2 Navigational Aid
166M-1 T-62M-1 Main battle tank 166M with different engine
166M T-62M Main battle tank 1983 166 modernization
166M1-1 T-62M1-1 Main battle tank 166M-1 without missile
166M1-2-1 T-62M1-2-1 Main battle tank 166M-1 without missile or armor upgrade
166M1-2 T-62M1-2 Main battle tank 166M without missile or armor upgrade
166M1 T-62M1 Main battle tank 166M without missile
166M1V-1 T-62M1V-1 Main battle tank 166M1-1 with K-1 ERA
166M1V T-62M1V Main battle tank 166M1 with K-1 ERA
166MD-1 T-62MD-1 Main battle tank 1983 166M-1 with Drozd
166MD T-62MD Main battle tank 1983 166M with Drozd
166MK-1 T-62MK-1 Main battle tank 166M-1 command version
166MK T-62MK Main battle tank 166M command version
166MV-1 T-62MV-1 Main battle tank 1985 166M-1 with K-1 ERA
166MV T-62MV Main battle tank 1985 166M with K-1 ERA
167 Main battle tank 1963 Modernization of the 166
167TU Main battle tank 167 variant with a new turbine engine
174M T-72B1 Main battle tank
187 T-72BM Main battle tank
188 T-72BU / T-90 Main battle tank
188M T-90M Main battle tank
195 T-95 Main battle tank
199 BMPT Tank support fighting vehicle 1995
211 Light tank 126 (T-50) with changed hull
219 T-80 Main battle tank 1976
219A "Olkha" Main battle tank 219R with 476 turret
219AS T-80U Main battle tank 1983 Merged 219A and 219V
219E T-80BM1 Main battle tank 219R with Arena
219R T-80B Main battle tank 1979
220 KV-220 Heavy tank 1941 Single prototype 85 mm gun
222 KV-222 Heavy tank 1941 Single prototype
223 KV-3 Heavy tank 1941 Single prototype
224 KV-4 Super heavy tank Never built
225 KV-5 Heavy tank Cancelled
226 KV-6 Heavy tank 1941 Flamethrower tank, single prototype
227 KV-7 Self propelled gun 1941 Single prototype
228 KV-8 Heavy tank Flamethrower tank
229 KV-9 Heavy tank 1941 Prototype
230 KV-10 Heavy tank 1942 Single prototype. Also known as KV-1K. A KV-1S with 4 rocket launchers on the back of the hull
232 KV-12 Heavy tank Experimental chemical tank
233 KV-13 Medium tank Prototype
236 SU-152 Self propelled gun 1943 Initially KV-14
237 IS-1 Heavy tank 1943 Also known as IS-85
239 KV-85 Heavy tank 1943
240 IS-2 Heavy tank 1943
241 ISU-152 Self propelled gun 1943 M1943
241K ISU-152K Self propelled gun 1953
241M ISU-152M Self propelled gun 1959
242 ISU-122 Self propelled gun 1944
243 Self propelled gun
244 Heavy tank 1944 240 variant
245 IS-4 Heavy tank 240 variant
246 ISU-152BM Self propelled gun 1944 241 variant. Also known as ISU-152BM-1 & ISU152-1
247 ISU-152-2 Self propelled gun 1944
248 IS-5 Heavy tank
250 ISU-130 Self propelled gun
252 IS-6 Heavy tank Experimental, armed with 122mm D-30(unrelated to the 2A18)
253 IS-6 Heavy tank 252 variant, electro-mechanical transmission and 240 chassis
254 Heavy tank Planned
255 Heavy tank Planned
256 Heavy tank Planned
257 Heavy tank Planned
258 Heavy tank 1945 Planned
259 Heavy tank 1945 Planned
260 IS-7 Heavy tank 1945
261 Heavy tank 1945 Planned, designation was later reused
261 Self propelled gun 1947 Self propelled gun based on the 260 it had a forward fighting closed compartment and was armed with the 152mm M-31 with a muzzle velocity 880 m/s
262 Self propelled gun 1947 Variant of the 261 SPG both of which were based on the 260, it had a rear fighting compartment and was armed with the 152mm M-48 with a muzzle velocity of 1000 m/s
263 Self propelled gun 1948 Direct fire SPG based on the 260, it was armed with 130mm S-70A.
268 Self propelled gun 730 chassis
271 Self propelled gun
272 T-10M Heavy tank Leningrad-Built
272K T-10MK Heavy tank 1959 272 command version
273 Self propelled gun
277 - Heavy tank 1958
279 - Heavy tank 1957 Experimental
287 Main battle tank Missile armed (Taifun)
282 Main battle tank 1961 Missile armed
288 Main battle tank T-80 engine prototype
292 Main battle tank 1990 Prototype
317 2S19 Msta Self propelled artillery 1989
416 SU-100M Medium tank 1951 While designed as a medium tank it was later re-designated as an SPG and given the name SU-100M
430 Main battle tank 1952 Medium tank that would serve the basis of the 432 and thus the T-64
432 T-64 Main battle tank 1962 Initial production run of the T-64, armed with the 115mm D-68.
434 T-64A Main battle tank 1967
435 Main battle tank 1960 Modernization of the 430, unlike the 430 it was armed with the U-5TS
436 Main Battle tank 1965 Variant of the 432 with a new engine
437 T-64A Main battle tank Variant of the 432 with a new engine
447A T-64B Main battle tank
450 T-74 Main battle tank Prototype
476 Main battle tank 1976 437 development
477 "Molot" Main battle tank 1987 Prototype
478B T-80UD Main battle tank "Bereza"
481 OT-54 Main battle tank Flamethrower variant
482 OT-55 Main battle tank Flamethrower variant
483 Main battle tank Flamethrower variant, not produced
500 ZSU-57-2 Anti Aircraft
600 IT-122 1949 Also SU-122-54. Tank destroyer based on 137 hull
630 T-80BK Main battle tank 219R command version
630A T-80UK Main battle tank 219AS command version
634 TOS-1 Self propelled rocket launcher 1988
640 "Black Eagle" Main battle tank
675 BMP-2 Infantry fighting vehicle 1980's
685 Light tank 1975 Light tank prototype
688 BMP-3 Infantry combat vehicle
701-2 IS-4 Heavy tank Tested with 122mm D-25T, 100mm S-34-II, 122mm S-34-I
701-5 IS-4 Heavy tank Prototype IS-4
701-6 IS-4 Heavy tank 1949 Prototype IS-4
703 IS-3 Heavy tank 1945 240 variant
704 ISU-152 M1945 Self propelled gun 1945 Single prototype variant
705 Heavy tank 1945
705A Heavy tank 1948 Based on the 705 it was also rear turreted and weighed 100 tons
715 Self propelled gun 1947 SPG based on the 701(IS-4) it was armed with a high power 152mm gun
717 Bridge layer 1947 Bridge layer based on the 701(IS-4)
730 T-10 Heavy tank 1949
730A T-10A Heavy tank
730B T-10B Heavy tank 1957
730BK T-10BK Heavy tank 730B command version
734 T-10M Heavy tank Chelyabinsk built
740 PT-76 Light tank 1949 Amphibious
757 Main battle tank Missile armed
764 Infantry fighting vehicle BMP-1 prototype competitor
765 BMP-1 Infantry fighting vehicle 1966
770 - Heavy tank
770-K Command Variant of the 770
775 Main battle tank 1962 Missile armed
777 Heavy tank 1953 Planned
780 Main battle tank 1971 Prototype
785 Main Battle tank 1978 Prototype
907 Main Battle tank Planned, designation was later reused
914 Infantry fighting vehicle BMD-1 prototype, former BMP-1 competitor
915 BMD-1 Infantry fighting vehicle 1969
916 BMD-2 Infantry fighting vehicle 1985
925 BTR-D Infantry fighting vehicle 1975
950 BMD-3 Infantry fighting vehicle 1990
952 2S25 Sprut-SD Light tank
955 BTR-MD Infantry fighting vehicle
958 RKhM-5 Infantry fighting vehicle Chemical reconnaissance
960 BMD-4 Infantry fighting vehicle
1200 Infantry fighting vehicle Wheeled BMP-1

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