Main Gunehgar Nahi

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Main Gunehgar Nahi
Main Gunehgar Nahi.jpg
Also known as Ladki Hona Gunaah Nahin as shown on the Indian channel Zee Zindagi
Genre Drama
Starring Mawra Hocane
Sami Khan
Country of origin Pakistan
Original language(s) Urdu
No. of episodes 21
Cinematography S
Editor(s) Husnain
Running time Approx. 40 minutes
Original network Ary Digital
Original release 2013 – 2013

Main Gunehgar Nahi is a 2013 Urdu language Pakistani television series, aired on Ary Digital. Mawra Hocane and Sami Khan played the leading roles, while Shamoon Abbasi and Faizan Khawaja also played pivotal roles. Main Gunehgar Nahi has 21 episodes and was a commercial success.

The show was also telecast in India on Zindagi from 25 March 2015 under the title "Ladki Hona Gunaah Nahin" Mon - Sat 10:30 pm.


Main Gunehgar Nahi is the tragic story of a young woman named Ammara (Mawra Hocane) whose world turns upside down after she becomes the victim of a barbarous crime. She is treated as a culprit and made to feel ashamed even though she is not guilty of anything. The people she trusts turn away from her. It is a realistic[citation needed] portrayal of male-dominated society and its double standards.

Ammara is engaged to her neighbor Faizan (Sami Khan). Faizan has said he will never leave Ammara, but when she is raped by three robbers, the sons of rich men amusing themselves, Faizan breaks their engagement, causing her to lose all her trust and hope. Everyone treats her as a criminal. She marries Zubair (Shamoon Abbasi) who only wants her for her money. On the same day, Faizan marries Maira, who is in love with Abbas - not the best wife for Faizan. In contrast, Ammara does everything for Zubair's happiness, but he treats her badly. Every one except Zubair's brother, Talha (Danish Ali), only wants Ammara for her money. Talha treats Ammara as his sister

One day when Zubair tells her that they are going to a party. He asks Ammara to dress up and to do her makeup. There, he sells her for a business deal. He leaves her alone in a room and a man comes. As Ammara knows about Zubair's deal, she runs away. She realizes that she hasn't done anything wrong and wonders why the world treats her as if she is a sinner. After leaving the party she meets Zaid (Faizan Khawaja), a journalist. Zaid helps her, giving her a ride home and bringing back her trust in men. They become friends.

Ammara asks Zubair to give her divorce. Zubair doesn't take it seriously as he sees Ammara as a weak woman who can't do anything without his help. But she becomes a strong woman and at last he gives her a divorce. She moves back to her father's house and opens a boutique. Jumshaid(Ammara's brother)'s wife demands that they move, as she doesn't want her daughters to live with Ammara. Jumshaid moves his family to a separate home but isn't happy with his wife's decision.

Faizan, along with his mother and sister, leaves for a family wedding. His wife Maira stays home and calls Abbas to come over and spend some time with her. Faizan and his family have a minor accident on the way to the wedding, so they come home early, catching Maira and Abbas together. Faizan divorces Maira. He realizes how badly he treated Ammara, and that he can't live without her. He sends his mother (who hadn't treated Ammara any better) to Ammara's house for with a proposal of marriage. Jumshaid gets angry and rejects Faizan's proposal.

Zubair goes to Zaid to tell him about the rape scandal of Ammara to be published as a "chatpati" news in the newspaper. Zaid becomes angry and throws him out of his office. Zubair discovers he is dying of liver cancer. When Ammara learns this, she gives 10 lacs to Zubair's parents for his treatment. On his deathbed, Zubair asks his father to go to Ammara and apologize to her for what he had done; then he dies. When his father goes to Ammara's house, he returns her money and apologizes to her. She forgives everyone.

The three men who raped Ammara make a plan to rob Jumshaid's house. Before the robbery, they go to a restaurant. Ammara and Zaid are there, and she recognises them. She informs Zaid that they are the rapists. Zaid is furious and goes to fight them but Ammara stops him, saying "humain sabit qadam rehna chahiye warna inhe shuk ho jaye ga,Ye jab dakaiti kar rhe hongay tau inhe rangay hathoon pakarwain gay". Zaid approves of Ammara. He then calls his friend who is in a senior rank of police. He sends his team of police to follow the boys.

The boys go to Jamshaid's house and as they always do, plan to rape his wife. The police arrive and arrest them before they can hurt her. When she learns she was saved because of Ammara, she feels thankful, and decides the family can live together. Ammara is nominated for 10 fashion designers. She gives Zaid an interview for his newspaper with the title "main gunehgar nahi". On Zaid's advice, Ammara agrees to marry Faizan. When Zaid learns of their engagement, he becomes very sad and realises how much he loves her. Here, Ammara came to know that she also loves Zaid very much. She asks Faizan to go to Zaid; he says that "jao main ne pehle bhi tumhain boht taqleef Di hai afar tum Zaid k sath khush ho tau jao ghar waloon ko mn samjha loonga". Then she goes to Zaid's apartment where he proposes to her. They get married and live happily forever.