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Hypericum sechmenii flowers
Hypericum sechmenii flowers

Hypericum sechmenii (Seçmen's St John's wort) is a rare species of flowering plant in the St John's wort family that is found in Eskişehir Province in central Turkey. It was first described and assigned to the genus Hypericum in 2009, and was later placed into the section Adenosepalum. H. sechmenii is a perennial herb that grows 3 to 6 centimeters (1 to 2 inches) tall and blooms in June and July. The stems of the plant are smooth and hairless, while the leaves are leathery and lack leafstalks. Its flowers are arranged in corymbs, and each has five bright yellow petals. Similar species are H. huber-morathii, H. minutum, and H. thymopsis. Found among limestone rocks, H. sechmenii has an estimated distribution of less than 10 square kilometers (4 square miles), with fewer than 250 surviving plants. Despite containing druse crystals and toxic chemicals that may deter herbivory, the species is threatened by overgrazing, as well as climate change and habitat loss. (Full article...)

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Severed human toe resting on salt
Toe used in the Sourtoe Cocktail

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Masoud Pezeshkian in June 2024
Masoud Pezeshkian

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Yitzhak Rabin in 1948
Yitzhak Rabin in 1948
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Taylor Twellman is the Revolution's all-time leading scorer with 101 league goals.
Taylor Twellman is the Revolution's all-time leading scorer with 101 league goals.

The New England Revolution have played 28 domestic league seasons in Major League Soccer (MLS). The team is one of the original ten MLS clubs that began play in the 1996 MLS season. The Revolution's first trophy win was the 2007 U.S. Open Cup. The next year, the team won the 2008 North American SuperLiga, which was a tournament held between MLS and Liga MX teams. In 2021, the team won the Supporters' Shield for having the best record in the regular season. In that season, the team accrued 73 points, which stands as the best-ever regular season record as of the 2023 season. Although the Revolution have never won the MLS Cup, they have reached the final five times. The club's all-time leading goalscorer is Taylor Twellman, who has 119 goals across all competitions. The Revolution have had two players win the MLS Golden Boot: Twellman in 2002 and 2005, and Pat Noonan in 2004. (Full list...)

Village weaver

The village weaver (Ploceus cucullatus) is a species of bird in the family Ploceidae. It is found in much of sub-Saharan Africa and has been introduced to some islands in the Indian Ocean and the Caribbean. Village weavers forage and roost in large groups, often with other weaver species. In some areas, they move periodically along fixed routes. The birds look for food on the ground, but also look up to search vegetation and trees. Village weavers nest in colonies and are very active during the breeding season. Birds fly in and leave again constantly, making significant noise. Colonies can contain as many as 150 nests, but eight to a hundred nests in a single tree are usual. This male village weaver was photographed in Kakum National Park, Ghana.

Photograph credit: Charles J. Sharp

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