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The Main Street Pedestrian Mall in Riverside, California, stretching along Main Street from 5th to 10th street, was opened in 1966.[1] The mall is flanked by the City Hall and convention center at either end. In 2008, the city carried out a $10 million renovation to the mall as part of the larger "Riverside Renaissance" project.[2]


Before pedestrianization[edit]

Main Street was the main shopping street of Riverside for decades before it was pedestrianized in 1966. Major department stores included, at various times:[3]

  • Sears, opened in February 1929 at 5th and Main, moved in June 1938 to a larger 38,000-foot store in a new art deco building (architect Henry L. A. Jekel) at the southeast corner of 7th (Mission Inn) and Main, on the site of the former Rubidoux Building.[4] It would further expand in the 1950s.
  • Westbrook's (1935–1964)
  • Grout's
  • Montgomery Ward
  • J. C. Penney
  • Pic 'n Save (1930–1980)
  • S. H. Kress dime store, east side of Main between 8th and 9th streets
  • Reynold's, at 9th and Main
  • Woolworth's, southeast corner of 9th and Main (1940–1957)


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