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"Main Theme"
Single by Pink Floyd
from the album Soundtrack from the Film More
Released27 July 1969
RecordedMarch 1969
GenreSoundtrack, psychedelic rock
LabelColumbia Records
Songwriter(s)Roger Waters, Richard Wright, David Gilmour, Nick Mason
Producer(s)Pink Floyd
Pink Floyd singles chronology
"Point Me at the Sky"
"The Nile Song" / "Main Theme"
"One of These Days"
Soundtrack from the Film More track listing

"Main Theme" is an instrumental track by English band Pink Floyd on their third album, Soundtrack from the Film More.[2][3] The track is played at the beginning of the film, when Stefan is waiting for someone to pick him up along a road to Paris.


The track begins with a panning gong that lasts as a drone sound for the whole piece; at 0:30 the Farfisa organ starts a progression of modal chords, that fades at 1:12 into a drum-bass iterative sequence, similar to, but slower than, the one featured at the opening of "Let There Be More Light". The organ played through a wah-wah pedal (1:20) plays a progression of background notes over the drum-bass line, while the untreated organ plays the main melodic notes (2:10). The slide guitar plays from the middle of the piece onward. The CD writing credit omits Mason.


The song has been covered in 1977 by French group Rosebud with an electro-funky style. It is available on their Discoballs album among other Pink Floyd covers.[4]



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