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Mainak Bhaumik
Born Kolkata, West Bengal, India
Nationality Indian
Occupation Film director

Mainak Bhaumik is a Bengali film director and editor. He made his directorial debut with 2006 Bengali film Aamra.[1][2]


Bhaumik started his career in 1998 by directing a short film His Life - Her Story. In 2006 he made his first Bengali film Aamra. In 2012, he made another Bengali film Bedroom, a dark ensemble film about the new generation of young Indians who struggle with depression, failure and identity crises in a Facebook savvy world that is obsessed with picture perfect lives. In 2013, Bhaumik released the feature film Maach Mishti and More (Fish, Sweets and More). Also released in 2013 was Aami Aar Amaar Girlfriends (Me and My Girlfriends) a coming-of-age movie about the lives of three Indian girls who cling to their friendship in times of trouble. While celebrating the lighter side of 'girl world', the film also ventures into a darker slice of life, with the main plot of a school teacher who has an extra-marital affair with one of her students, who is a minor. In 2014, his feature film Take One, is about a modern Indian woman, an actress who plays the Hindu mythological character Sita, and is judged harshly by Indian society because of her sexual indiscretions. The film went on to receive the prestigious Nimit Rathod Award for Cinematic Excellence in 2015 at Nimit Rathod National Awards, But unlike Sita who was forced by society into exile, the actress rejects hypocritical society's unfair judgment of her and withdraws voluntarily into her private exile. Mainak Bhaumik calls both New York and Kolkata (Bengal, India) his home. Having grown up in both cities, he's enjoyed the 'best of both worlds'.



Feature films
Short film / Documentary
  • His Life - Her Story'
  • Gone to Pat
  • Surviving Chau
  • Melting Wok


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