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Fir forest on Mt. Mainalo, Greece.jpg
Fir forest on Mt. Mainalo
Highest point
Elevation 1,981 m (6,499 ft)
Coordinates 37°39′50″N 22°13′0″E / 37.66389°N 22.21667°E / 37.66389; 22.21667
Location northern Arcadia, Greece
Parent range approx. 25 km, north to south
approx. from 5 to 10 km from east to west
Easiest route climb
Ostrakina skiing slope
River Lousios passing through Mainalo
Mount Mainalon and Alonistaina village

The Mainalo (Modern Greek: Μαίναλο, Ancient Greek: Μαίναλος or Μαίναλον - Mainalos or Mainalon; Latin: Mænalus), named after the mythical Maenalus, son of Lycaon, is a mountain range that spans about 15 to 20 km from north to south (southwest of Tripoli to northeast of Vytina) and from east to west from 5 to 10 km (from Zygovisti to Kapsas).

Much of the area used to be covered in old-growth forests but most were burnt in 2000 and especially in September 2011.

In the medieval times and until the late-20th century, the mountain was known as Apano Chrepa. It is also a village which is located in the mountain range and dates back to the ancient times. The mountain is home to the skiing resort which is located in the middle of a mountain 20 km NW of Tripoli and 9 km SW of GR-74/GR-33, northbound. The elevation of the skiing resort is at 1,550 m. The panorama of the northern part of Arcadia and the Lyrkian mountains. There is a communications tower which broadcasts television and radio stations to Tripoli. It is located about 140 km SW of Patras, about 75 km S of Kalavryta, about 20 km SW of E65 superhighway, about 85 km (old: about 120 km SW of Corinth, 80 km W of Argos and about 90 km W of Nafplio, about 90 km (old: 100 km) ENE of Kalamata and about 140 km E of Pyrgos. The name of the mountain comes from a figure in Greek mythology. The mountain range is entirely surrounded by roads, the GR-74 runs around the Mainalo to the north and the east and a road linking Tripoli and villages W of Tripoli and to Vytina with a low speed limit is to the south and west. The western part west of Mainalo does not have much roads. The mountaintop which is also known as Ostrakia elevates at 1,860 m is in the northwest central part. Mainalo is also the tallest mountain in Arcadia. The highest mountaintop is named Profiti Ilia. The entire area is also a parkland.

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There were also ancient Olympic gold medalists who were known to come from the settled region of Mainalos:


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