Maine's congressional districts

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Maine's congressional districts since January 3, 2023.

Maine is divided into 2 congressional districts, each represented by an elected member of the United States House of Representatives.

Unlike every other US state except for Nebraska, Maine apportions two of its Electoral College votes according to congressional district, making each district its own separate battleground in US presidential elections. Following the 2016 elections, the 2nd district had the sole Republican representative in New England. After 2018, however, the Republican incumbent was ousted by a Democratic challenger. As a result, all of New England was represented by Democrats in the House of Representatives.[1]

Current districts and representatives[edit]

The districts are currently represented in the 118th United States Congress by 2 Democrats.

Current U.S. representatives from Maine
District Member
Party Incumbent since CPVI
District map
1st Chellie Pingree.jpg
Chellie Pingree
(North Haven)
Democratic January 3, 2009 D+9 Maine's 1st congressional district (since 2023).png
2nd Jared Golden 117th Congress portrait.jpeg
Jared Golden
Democratic January 3, 2019 R+6 Maine's 2nd congressional district (since 2023).png

Historical and present district boundaries[edit]

Table of United States congressional district boundary maps in the State of Maine, presented chronologically.[4] All redistricting events that took place in Maine between 1973 and 2013 are shown.

Year Statewide map
1973–1982 United States Congressional Districts in Maine, 1973 – 1982.tif
1983–1992 United States Congressional Districts in Maine, 1983 – 1992.tif
1993–1994 United States Congressional Districts in Maine, 1993 – 1994.tif
1995–2002 United States Congressional Districts in Maine, 1995 – 2002.tif
2003–2004 United States Congressional Districts in Maine, 2003 – 2004.tif
2005–2013 United States Congressional Districts in Maine, 2005 – 2013.tif
2013-2023 United States Congressional Districts in Maine, since 2013.tif
Since 2023 Maine's congressional districts (since 2023).png

Obsolete districts[edit]

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