Maine-et-Loire's 3rd constituency

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3rd constituency of Maine-et-Loire
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French National Assembly
Maine-et-Loire's 3rd Constituency shown within Maine-et-Loire.
 Jean-Charles Taugourdeau [1]
The Republicans
CantonsAllonnes, Baugé, Beaufort-en-Vallée, Durtal, Longué-Jumelles, Noyant, Saumur Nord, Seiches-sur-le-Loir
Registered voters70380 [2]

The 3rd constituency of Maine-et-Loire (French: Troisième circonscription de Maine-et-Loire) is a French legislative constituency in the Maine-et-Loire département. Like the other 576 French constituencies, it elects one MP using the first past the post election system with a run-off.


The 3rd Constituency of Maine-et-Loire lies in the north east of the department, including the northern half of Saumur (the southern half is included in Maine-et-Loire's 4th constituency).

The seat has supported parties of the centre right for the entirety of the 5th Republic. It was the only seat in Maine-et-Loire not to elect a deputy from Emmanuel Macron's centrist coalition at the 2017 elections.

Assembly Members[edit]

Election Member Party
1988 Edmond Alphandéry UDF
1993 Christian Martin UDF
2002 Jean-Charles Taugourdeau UMP
2017 LR



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