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Maine Soft Drinks Ltd. is a company based in Ballymoney, County Antrim, Northern Ireland, which sells soft drinks, cordials and aerated waters. During the 21st-century recession, it remained in Ballymoney while several other companies with large numbers of employees disappeared.[1]

Peacock Blue Lorries[edit]

As well as having a presence in retail outlets, Maine is also known for its fleet of distinctive green lorries which deliver soft drinks door to door in Counties Antrim, Londonderry and Down. The person driving the lorries is often known colloquially as "The Lemonade Man" or The Maine Man or more commonly The Mineral Man.

Many of the products sold by Maine are specific to them in Northern Ireland such as American Kola, Scottish Cola, and Limeade; and some are specific to Northern Ireland but not to Maine such as Brown Lemonade.


There are depots in Belfast and Mallusk.


In 1998, Maine Soft Drinks product Smak drew the ire of anti-drugs campaigners in Scotland when it went on sale there. They said it could trivialise heroin abuse.[2]


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