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State Route 25 marker

State Route 25
Route information
Maintained by MaineDOT
Length: 42.2 mi[1] (67.9 km)
Existed: 1926 – present
Major junctions
West end: NH 25 near Freedom, NH
  US 202 / SR 4 in Gorham

SR 25 Bus. in Westbrook-Portland
I-95.svg I-95 / Maine Tpk. in Portland
SR 9 in Portland
East end: SR 22 / SR 77 in Portland
Counties: Oxford, York, Cumberland
Highway system
SR 24 SR 26

State Route 25 is part of the system of numbered highways in Maine. It runs for 42.2 miles (67.9 km) across the south central part of the state. SR 25 begins at the New Hampshire border near Porter, where it continues west as New Hampshire Route 25. Its eastern terminus is in downtown Portland at the intersection of Park Avenue and State Street. Administratively, it shares a terminus with State Route 22 and State Route 77.

Route description[edit]

SR 25 westbound in Portland

Porter to Gorham[edit]

SR 25 begins west of Porter, where NH 25 crosses the Maine-New Hampshire border. The western part of the highway runs along the Ossipee River on the southern edge of town. SR 25 intersects and overlaps with SR 160 before crossing the river, passing through the extreme northeast corner of Parsonsfield en route to Cornish, where it meets SR 5. On the north side of town, SR 5 and SR 25 have a brief concurrency before meeting SR 117. SR 5 splits off northeast, crossing the Saco River with SR 117 in tow, while SR 25 joins SR 117 south towards Limington. After crossing the town line, SR 117 splits off with SR 25 continuing southeast through town. The highway crosses SR 11 and then over the Saco River into Standish. SR 25 meets the southern terminus of SR 113 and crosses SR 35 before crossing into Gorham. SR 25 overlaps briefly with SR 112 before reaching the town center, where it shares pavement with US 202 and SR 4, crossing SR 114 in the process.

Westbrook and Portland[edit]

SR 25 crosses into the city of Westbrook, where it uses Wayside Drive and the Westbrook Arterial to bypass the busy Main Street. SR 25 Business, a former alignment of SR 25, serves this area. The highway crosses into Portland and immediately interchanges with the Maine Turnpike (I-95) at exit 47, thereafter meeting its business route and proceeding into downtown on Brighton Avenue. SR 25 crosses SR 9 (Stevens Avenue), then turns onto Deering Avenue, crossing over I-295/US 1 without an interchange.

The signed eastern terminus of SR 25 is at the end of Deering Avenue at Park Street (SR 22). However, state route logs indicate SR 25 continuing along SR 22 to terminate at State Street (SR 77). Both SR 22 and SR 25 officially terminate at SR 77, but SR 25 is not signed at the intersection.


Westbrook bypass[edit]

SR 25 eastbound in Westbrook

A bypass of Westbrook, in the form of William Clarke Drive, the Westbrook Arterial and Larrabee Road opened in the late 1970s, with the old alignment via Main Street being designated SR 25 Business. An unnumbered extension of Larrabee Road continues to the north with access to the Maine Turnpike at exit 48. In 2002, the Westbrook Arterial was extended to Rand Road in Portland, passing over the Turnpike with a new direct interchange, exit 47. By 2007, this bypass was designated as part of SR 25, with the vacated alignment along Main Street and Brighton Avenue becoming an easterly extension of SR 25 Business.

Eastern terminus in Portland[edit]

The administrative route log shows the eastern terminus of SR 25 to be at the intersection of Park Avenue and State Street (SR 77). However, signage in the field indicates this intersection to be the eastern terminus of SR 22 instead. Current signage indicates SR 25 ending at SR 22 at the intersection of Deering Street and Park Avenue; historically, however, SR 25 has been defined to end at US 1, which used to carry a surface alignment in this area. US 1 was moved onto I-295 in Portland in 2007, which has created a discrepancy between the "administrative" terminus and the signed terminus, since SR 25 no longer intersects with US 1. The relocation of US 1 has also created similar discrepancies for the termini of SR 22 and SR 26.

Junction list[edit]

County Location mi[1] km Destinations Notes
Oxford Porter 0.0 0.0 NH 25 (Porter Road) to NH 153 – Freedom, Ossipee Continuation into New Hampshire
3.0 4.8 SR 160 south (North Road) – Parsonsfield, Limerick Western end of concurrency with SR 160
5.7 9.2 SR 160 north (Bridge Street) – Brownfield, Denmark Eastern end of concurrency with SR 160
York Parsonsfield No major junctions
Cornish 9.7 15.6 SR 5 south (Sokokis Trail North) – Cornish, Limerick Western end of concurrency with SR 5
10.6 17.1 SR 5 north to SR 117 north (Cumberland Street) – Hiram, Baldwin Eastern end of concurrency with SR 5
10.9 17.5 SR 117 north to SR 5 north – Hiram, Baldwin Western end of concurrency with SR 117
Limington 13.2 21.2 SR 117 south (Cape Road) – Limington, Hollis Eastern end of concurrency with SR 117
17.8 28.6 SR 11 (Sokokis Avenue) – Limington, Standish
Cumberland Standish 22.7 36.5 SR 113 north (Pequawket Trail) – Standish, Baldwin Southern terminus of SR 113
24.8 39.9 SR 35 (Northeast Road/Bonny Eagle Road) – Hollis, Windham
Gorham 28.9 46.5 SR 112 south (Dow Road) – Buxton, Saco Western end of concurrency with SR 112
30.6 49.2 SR 112 north – Gorham Eastern end of concurrency with SR 112
31.6 50.9 US 202 west / SR 4 south (Narragansett Street) – Buxton, Hollis Western end of concurrency with US 202 / SR 4
31.8 51.2 SR 114 (School Street/South Street) – Scarborough, Standish
32.2 51.8 US 202 east / SR 4 north (Gray Road) – Windham, Gray Eastern end of concurrency with US 202 / SR 4
33.9 54.6 SR 237 north (Mosher Road) to US 202 / SR 4 east – Windham Southern terminus of SR 237
Westbrook 35.8 57.6
SR 25 Bus. (Main Street) – Westbrook
Western terminus of SR 25 Business
Portland 38.4 61.8 I‑95 / Maine Turnpike – South Portland, Augusta Exit 47 on I-95
39.2 63.1
SR 25 Bus. (Main Street) – Westbrook
Eastern terminus of SR 25 Business
40.6 65.3 SR 9 (Stevens Avenue) – South Portland, Falmouth
41.9 67.4 SR 22 west (Park Avenue) – Scarborough, Buxton Signed eastern terminus; western end of silent concurrency with SR 22
42.2 67.9 SR 77 south (State Street/High Street) to I‑295 / US 1 / SR 100 / US 302 – South Portland, Cape Elizabeth Eastern terminus; eastern terminus of SR 22; northern terminus of SR 77
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

Concurrent routes[edit]

Special routes[edit]

Business route[edit]

State Route 25 Business
Location: WestbrookPortland
Length: 2.8 mi[2] (4.5 km)
Existed: 1970s–present

State Route 25 Business, internally designated State Route 25C, is a business route of SR 25, running 2.8 miles (4.5 km) through downtown Westbrook and into Portland. It is a former routing of SR 25, which it connects to at both ends.

SR 25 Business begins at the intersection of William Clarke Drive (SR 25), Main Street, and New Gorham Road in Westbrook. The two routes run parallel to one another for about a mile, with SR 25 running on William Clarke Drive and SR 25 Business running on Main Street. The routes continue this way until reaching the Westbrook Arterial, which SR 25 turns onto to bypass the city to the south, towards the Maine Turnpike. SR 25 Business continues through Westbrook along Main Street, turning southeast to continue on Main Street in the middle of the city.

Larrabee Road, which used to carry SR 25, provides access to the Turnpike at exit 48. Until the Westbrook Arterial was extended to Rand Road in 2007 (and SR 25 moved onto the new alignment), this intersection was the eastern terminus of the business route. SR 25 Business was then extended by 0.7 miles (1.1 km) into Portland, crossing over the Turnpike and becoming Brighton Avenue before rejoining SR 25, which approaches from the south to resume its original alignment through downtown Portland.


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