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State Route 4 marker

State Route 4
Route of SR 4 highlighted in red
Route information
Maintained by MaineDOT
Length168.85 mi[1] (271.74 km)
Major junctions
South end NH 4 in Rollinsford, NH
North endHaines Landing in Rangeley
CountiesYork, Cumberland, Androscoggin, Franklin
Highway system
SR 3SR 5

State Route 4 (abbreviated SR 4) is a 168.85-mile (271.74 km) long state highway located in southwestern Maine. Its southern terminus is at the New Hampshire border in South Berwick, where it connects to New Hampshire Route 4. Its northern terminus is at Haines Landing on Mooselookmeguntic Lake in Rangeley.

Major cities and towns along the length of SR 4 include Sanford, Gorham, Windham, Auburn and Farmington.

Approximately one-third of the overall length of SR 4 is overlapped by U.S. Route 202 (US 202).

Route description[edit]

The northern terminus of SR 4 at Haines Landing on Mooselookmeguntic Lake in the town of Rangeley

SR 4 begins at the New Hampshire state line, where the roadway continues south as NH 4 towards Dover. From South Berwick, SR 4 runs in a northeasterly direction through the town of North Berwick, bypassing the center of Sanford to the east, and intersects US 202 in Alfred. SR 4 runs concurrently with US 202 for 56.0 miles (90.1 km) to the city of Auburn via the towns of Gorham, Windham and Gray.

North of Auburn, SR 4 continues northward, staying near the west bank of the Androscoggin River, through the town of Turner, to Livermore, where it crosses the river to Livermore Falls. SR 4 continues to an intersection with US 2 in Wilton, and runs concurrently with it for 7.8 miles (12.6 km) to Farmington.

SR 4 follows the Sandy River north of Farmington, through the towns of Strong and Phillips, and west to the river's source near Saddleback Mountain. The road turns north to Rangeley, where it turns west and runs concurrently with SR 16 at Oquossoc. SR 4 meets SR 17, then continues northwest to its terminus at Haines Landing on the shore of Mooselookmeguntic Lake.


SR 4 was designated in 1931 as a continuation of US 4 in New Hampshire, hence its number. Although US 4 does come close to the Maine border, the intended connection never came to fruition, as US 4 was routed south of Dover to terminate in Portsmouth. Instead, an indirect connection exists, facilitated by NH 4, NH 9, and NH 16 (the Spaulding Turnpike).

As first designated in 1931, SR 4 extended from its current southern terminus in South Berwick all the way to the Canada–US border. By 1937, most of the routes that are currently cosigned with it had been designated, most notably US 202. In 1946, SR 4 was truncated to its southern intersection with SR 16 in Rangeley, but was later re-extended along SR 16 to terminate at its current end at Haines Landing in 1951 (the road between SR 16 and Haines Landing had previously been designated SR 144). Most of former SR 4 between SR 16 and the Canada–US border is now part of SR 27.

Junction list[edit]

YorkSouth Berwick0.000.00 NH 4 west (Portland Avenue) – Dover NHContinuation beyond New Hampshire state line
0.340.55 SR 236 south (Harold L. Dow Highway) – Eliot, KitterySouthern terminus of SR 236 concurrency
0.540.87 SR 236 north (Main Street) – BerwickNorthern terminus of SR 236 concurrency
No major junctions
North Berwick6.5110.48 SR 9 west (Somersworth Road) – Berwick, Somersworth NHSouthern terminus of SR 9 concurrency
6.9811.23 SR 9 east (Wells Street) – WellsNorthern terminus of SR 9 concurrency
Sanford14.4923.32 SR 4A north / SR 109 (Main Street) – Wells, SanfordRotary; southern terminus of SR 4A (southern segment)
Alfred18.9730.53 US 202 west / SR 4A south (Sanford Road) – Sanford
SR 111 east (Biddeford Road) – Lyman
Southern terminus of US 202 concurrency; northern terminus of SR 4A (southern segment); western terminus of SR 111
Waterboro26.8943.28 SR 5 north (Sokokis Trail) – LimerickSouthern terminus of wrong-way concurrency with SR 5
Lyman28.7346.24 SR 5 south (New County Road) – SacoNorthern terminus of wrong-way concurrency with SR 5
Hollis32.1551.74 SR 4A north / SR 35 (Little Falls Road/Main Street) – Kennebunk, Bar Mills, StandishSouthern terminus of SR 4A (northern segment)
32.6352.51 SR 117 north (Cape Road) – LimingtonSouthern terminus of wrong-way concurrency with SR 117
Buxton34.3655.30 SR 117 south (Joy Valley Road) – SacoNorthern terminus of wrong-way concurrency with SR 117
35.4357.02 SR 112 (Beech Plains Road) – Bar Mills, Saco
36.3058.42 SR 4A south (Main Street) – Bar MillsNorthern terminus of SR 4A (northern segment)
38.0361.20 SR 22 (Long Plains Road) – Buxton, South Portland, Scarborough
CumberlandGorham41.4966.77 SR 112 to SR 114 / SR 25 – Scarborough, StandishRotary
42.3768.19 SR 25 west (State Street) – StandishSouthern terminus of SR 25 concurrency
42.5768.51 SR 114 (South Street/School Street) – Scarborough, Sebago Lake
43.0369.25 SR 25 east (Main Street) to I‑95 – WestbrookNorthern terminus of SR 25 concurrency
46.2974.50 SR 237 (Mosher Road/Newell Street) – Westbrook, StandishRotary
Windham51.6583.12 US 302 (Roosevelt Trail) – Portland, BridgtonRotary
Gray55.3889.13 SR 115 west (Windham Road) – North WindhamSouthern terminus of SR 115 concurrency
58.7394.52 SR 26A north (Maine Wildlife Park Way) to SR 26 north – South Paris, Poland Spring, BethelSouthern terminus of wrong-way concurrency with SR 26A
I‑95 (Maine Turnpike) – Portland, Augusta, BostonExit 63 on Maine Turnpike
59.1795.22 SR 26 south / SR 100 south (Portland Road) – Portland
SR 115 east (Yarmouth Road) – Yarmouth
SR 26A
Southern terminus of SR 26A; northern terminus of SR 115 concurrency; southern terminus of SR 26 / SR 100 concurrency
59.2295.31 SR 26 north (Shaker Road) – NorwayNorthern terminus of SR 26 concurrency
New Gloucester66.79107.49 SR 231 south (Intervale Road) – New GloucesterNorthern terminus of SR 231
AndroscogginAuburn69.44111.75 SR 122 west (Poland Spring Road) – PolandEastern terminus of SR 122
70.45113.38 I‑95 (Maine Turnpike) – Portland, Augusta, BostonExit 75 on Maine Turnpike
74.49119.88 SR 11 / SR 121 south (Minot Avenue) – Minot, Mechanic FallsSouthern terminus of SR 11 concurrency; northern terminus of SR 121
75.20121.02 US 202 east / SR 11 north / SR 100 north (Court Street) – Lewiston, AugustaNorthern terminus of US 202 / SR 11 / SR 100 concurrency
To SR 126 / SR 196
76.87123.71 To US 202 (Memorial Bridge) / SR 11 / SR 100 / SR 126 / SR 196 – Lewiston, AugustaInterchange
Turner86.67139.48 SR 117 (Turner Center Road / Buckfield Road) – Winthrop, Buckfield
92.94149.57 SR 219 (Howes Corner Road / Bear Pond Road) – Leeds, Wayne, Hartford
Livermore95.86154.27 SR 108 west (Church Street) – RumfordSouthern terminus of SR 108 concurrency
96.90155.95 SR 108 east (Boothby Road) – Augusta, WayneNorthern terminus of SR 108 concurrency
Livermore Falls103.76166.99 SR 17 south (Main Street) to SR 133 – Winthrop, AugustaSouthern terminus of SR 17 concurrency
FranklinJay106.34171.14 SR 140 south (Intervale Road) – CantonNorthern terminus of SR 140
109.53176.27 SR 17 north (East Dixfield Road) – East Dixfield, RumfordNorthern terminus of SR 17 concurrency
Wilton112.00180.25 US 2 west (Tilton Street) – Wilton, RumfordSouthern terminus of US 2 concurrency
112.85181.61 SR 156 (Depot Street) – Wilton, Weld
Farmington116.84188.04 SR 133 south (Livermore Falls Road) – Livermore FallsNorthern terminus of SR 133
119.62192.51 SR 43 west (Bridge Street) – TempleSouthern terminus of SR 43 concurrency
119.77192.75 US 2 east / SR 27 south (Farmington Falls Road) – New Sharon, Norridgewock, SkowheganNorthern terminus of US 2 concurrency; southern terminus of SR 27 concurrency
120.41193.78 SR 43 east (Broadway) – MadisonNorthern terminus of SR 43 concurrency
122.86197.72 SR 27 north (New Vineyard Road) – KingfieldNorthern terminus of SR 27 concurrency
123.18198.24 SR 149 north (South Strong Road) – South StrongSouthern terminus of SR 149
Strong131.37211.42 SR 145 north (South Main Street) – StrongSouthern terminus of SR 145
No major junctions
Phillips138.91223.55 SR 142 north to SR 149 – Kingfield, PhillipsSouthern terminus of wrong-way concurrency with SR 142
140.21225.65 SR 142 south (Weld Road) – Weld, DixfieldNorthern terminus of wrong-way concurrency with SR 142
Madrid Township144.99–
No major junctions
Township E148.44–
No major junctions
Sandy River Plantation149.09–
No major junctions
Rangeley Plantation157.99–
No major junctions
Rangeley160.52258.33 SR 16 east (Pleasant Street) – Stratton, EustisSouthern terminus of SR 16 concurrency
167.01268.78 SR 16 west (Wilsons Mills Road) – Wilsons MillsNorthern terminus of SR 16 concurrency
167.34269.31 SR 17 east (Rumford Road) – Byron, RoxburyWestern terminus of SR 17
168.85271.74Haines Landing - Mooselookmeguntic LakeDead end; northern terminus
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

Auxiliary routes[edit]

State Route 4A (abbreviated SR 4A) is the designation for two separate, but closely located, auxiliary routes of SR 4. While not directly connected to one another, they are linked by a 4.15-mile (6.68 km) stretch of US 202 and SR 4 between Hollis and Buxton.

Southern segment[edit]

State Route 4A
Length6.72 mi[1] (10.81 km)

The southern segment of SR 4A runs between the towns of Sanford and Alfred. It is concurrent over its entire 6.5-mile (10.5 km) length, running on sections of SR 109 and US 202. SR 4A is a service route for downtown Sanford, which SR 4 bypasses to the east.

This segment of SR 4A begins at an intersection with SR 4 and SR 109 south of downtown. SR 4A and SR 109 run concurrently northwest into the center of town, where they intersect with US 202 and SR 11 at Lebanon and Winter Streets. SR 109 continues straight to join SR 11, while SR 4A turns onto Winter Street to join US 202. US 202 and SR 4A run concurrently to the northeast, crossing SR 224 (another bypass of downtown Sanford), then cross into Alfred where they intersect with SR 4 and SR 111. SR 4A ends at this intersection, US 202 turns north to join SR 4 and SR 111 begins to the east.

Junction list

The entire route is in York County. [1]

Sanford0.000.00 SR 4 / SR 109 south (Alfred Road / Main Street) – North Berwick, Wells, AlfredRotary; southern terminus of SR 4A
2.814.52 US 202 west / SR 11 south (Lebanon Street) – Lebanon, Rochester NH
SR 11 / SR 109 north (Main Street) – Springvale, Shapleigh
Northern terminus of SR 109 concurrency; southern terminus of US 202 concurrency
4.326.95 SR 224 west (Shaws Ridge Road) – Shapleigh, ActonEastern terminus of SR 224
Alfred6.7210.81 US 202 east / SR 4 (Jordan Springs Road / Waterboro Road) – North Berwick, Waterboro
SR 111 east (Biddeford Road) – Lyman, Biddeford
Northern terminus of SR 4A; western terminus of SR 111
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

Northern segment[edit]

State Route 4A
Length3.78 mi[1] (6.08 km)

The northern segment of SR 4A runs for 4.0 miles (6.4 km) between Hollis and Buxton and is a northern alternate to US 202 / SR 4. Like the southern segment, this segment is signed north-south, but is oriented nearly due west to east.

This segment begins at an intersection between US 202 / SR 4 and SR 35 in Hollis. SR 4A and SR 35 share a brief concurrency before SR 4A splits off to the east, crossing SR 117 in the process. The highway continues to the east into the town of Buxton. SR 4A then crosses SR 112 before terminating at US 202 / SR 4.

Junction list

Mileposts on this section of SR 4A continue from the southern segment, omitting the connecting section of US 202 / SR 4.

The entire route is in York County. [1]

Hollis6.7210.81 US 202 / SR 4 (Hollis Road) – East Waterboro
SR 35 south (Little Falls Road) – Kennebunk
Southern terminus
6.9411.17 SR 35 north (Main Street) – HollisNorthern terminus of SR 35 concurrency
7.0911.41 SR 117 (Cape Road) – Saco, Cornish
Buxton9.7415.68 SR 112 (River Road) – Saco, West Buxton
10.5016.90 US 202 / SR 4 (Narragansett Trail) – Sanford, GorhamNorthern terminus
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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